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  1. Species diversity and catch per unit effort (CPUE) of Gobiidae in Salmanshahr, coastal area of the southern Caspian Sea (�)

    Kalantarian, S.M.; Abdoli, A.; Kiabi, B.H.
    The gobies are non-commercial fishes in the Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea for which population d ...
    (application/pdf) 18-jun-2018

  2. Short communication: A study of food consumption of the deepwater goby, Ponticola bathybius (Kessler, 1877), during spring migration in the southern Caspian Sea (�)

    Tajbakhsh, F.; Abdoli, A.A.; Rajabi Maham, H.; Hashemzadeh Segherloo, I.; Kiabi, B.
    The gobies exhibit a main role in the general production of the Caspian Sea due to their species div ...
    (application/pdf) 09-jun-2018

  3. Analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences of Turcinoemacheilus genus (Nemacheilidae Cypriniformes) in Iran (�)

    Jamshidi, S.; Abdoli, A.; Sherafatian, M.; Golzarianpour, K.
    Members of Nemacheilidae Family, Turcinoemacheilus genus were subjected to molecular phylogenetic an ...
    (application/pdf) 08-may-2018

  4. Functional Investigations of HNF1A Identify Rare Variants as Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes in the General Population (�)

    Najmi, Laeya Abdoli; Aukrust, Ingvild; Flannick, Jason; Molnes, Janne; Burtt, Noel; Molven, Anders; Groop, Leif; Altshuler, David; Johansson, Stefan; Bjørkhaug, Lise; Njølstad, Pål Rasmus
    Variants in HNF1A encoding hepatocyte nuclear factor 1α (HNF-1A) are associated with maturity-onset ...

  5. Gaussian mixture model-based contrast enhancement (�)

    Mohsen , Abdoli; Sarikhani , Hossein; Ghanbari , Mohammad; Brault , Patrice
    International audience

  6. Intrabasin variations in age and growth of bullhead : the effects of temperature. (�)

    Abdoli, A.; Pont, D.; Sagnes, Pierre

  7. First step of a modeling approach to evaluate spatial heterogeneity in a fish (Cottus gobio) population dynamics (�)

    Chaumot , A.; Milioni , N.; Abdoli , A.; Pont , D.; Charles , Sandrine

  8. Influence of female age, body size and environmental conditions on annual egg production of the bullhead (�)

    Abdoli, A.; Pont, Didier; Sagnes, Pierre
    International audience

  9. First step of a modeling approach to evalue spatial heterogeneity in fish (Cottus gobio) population dynamics (�)

    Chaumot , A.; Milioni , N.; Abdoli , A.; Pont , D.; Charles , S.

  10. Otolith asymmetry as a proxy of thermal stress in cold water fish: do observations on natural populations of Cottus gobio meet experimental results ? (�)

    Novak, , Morgane; Abdoli , Asghar; Pont , Didier; Sagnes , Pierre
    International audience

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