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  1. Productivity spillovers across countries and industries: new evidence from OECD countries (�)

    Badinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
    This paper uses a translog approach to estimate intra- and inter-industry productivity spillovers tr ...
    (application/pdf) 23-mar-2017

  2. Economic growth, volatility, and cross-country spillovers: new evidence for the G7 countries (�)

    Antonakakis, Nikolaos; Badinger, Harald
    This study examines the linkages between output growth and output volatility in the G7 countries ove ...
    (application/pdf) 23-mar-2017

  3. Fiscal rules and twin deficits: the link between fiscal and external balances. (�)

    Badinger, Harald; Fichet de Clairfontaine, Aurélien; Reuter, Wolf Heinrich
    This paper investigates the relationship between countries' fiscal balances and current accounts wit ...
    (application/pdf) 03-may-2017

  4. Spacey Parents and Spacey Hosts in Foreign Direct Investment (�)

    Badinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
    Shocks on FDI of some parent country in a host affect the same parent's FDI in other hosts. Shocks o ...
    (application/pdf) 23-mar-2017

  5. Determinants of fiscal rules (�)

    Badinger, Harald; Reuter, Wolf Heinrich
    This paper empirically assesses determinants of countries' fiscal rules suggested by the political s ...
    (application/pdf) 23-mar-2017

  6. Currency unions, export margins, and product differentiation: an empirical assessment for European Monetary Union (�)

    Badinger, Harald; Türkcan, Kemal
    This paper reconsiders the trade effects of the euro, providing a decomposition into its effects on ...
    (application/pdf) 16-mar-2017

  7. Measuring the world economy (�)

    Badinger, Harald
    This paper provides an empirical assessment of whether the world economy has become smaller in terms ...
    (application/pdf) 16-mar-2017

  8. Globalization and Corruption, revisited (�)

    Badinger, Harald; Nindl, Elisabeth
    This paper presents new empirical evidence on the determinants of corruption, focussing on the role ...
    (application/pdf) 16-mar-2017

  9. Export Credit Guarantees and Export Performance: Evidence from Austrian Firm-level Data (�)

    Badinger, Harald; Url, Thomas
    This paper provides an economic assessment of export credit guarantee commitments by the Austrian ex ...
    (application/pdf) 16-mar-2017

  10. Estimation and Testing of Higher-Order Spatial Autoregressive Panel Data Error Component Models (�)

    Badinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
    This paper develops an estimator for higher-order spatial autoregressive panel data error component ...
    (application/pdf) 16-mar-2017

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