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1. (�) Fiscal Rules and Twin Deficits: The Link between Fiscal and External Balances - Badinger, Harald; Fichet de Clairfontaine, Aurélien; Reuter, Wolf Heinrich
This paper investigates the relationship between countries' fiscal balances and current accounts wit ...
(application/pdf) - 08-jul-2015

2. (�) Aggregravity: estimating gravity models from aggregate data - Badinger, Harald; Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus
This paper considers alternative methods to estimate econometric models based on bilateral data when ...
(application/pdf) - 07-may-2015

3. (�) Trade and Productivity Reconsidered: An Industry and Aggregate Perspective - Harald Badinger; Europainstitut Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien; Fritz Breuss; I. Introduction
Abstract: We use a sample of 14 OECD countries to test for the effect of trade on productivity at di ...
(application/pdf) - 07-abr-2015

4. (�) Regional convergence in the European Union (1985-1999): A spatial dynamic panel analysis - Harald Badinger; Werner G. Müller; Gabriele Tondl
stellen. Die Working Papers geben nicht notwendigerweise die offizielle Meinung des Instituts wieder ...
(application/pdf) - 31-mar-2015

5. (�) A Spatial Dynamic Panel Analysis - Harald Badinger; Werner G. Müller; Gabriele Tondl; Harald Badinger; Werner G. Müller; Gabriele Tondl
Developments in Regional Research which took place in Hamburg on the 25th and 26th
(application/pdf) - 22-ene-2015

6. (�) Spacey Parents versus Spacey Hosts of Foreign Direct Investment - Harald Badinger; Peter Egger; Jel-code C
Empirical trade economists have found that foreign direct investment (FDI) of some parent economy in ...
(application/pdf) - 18-ene-2015

7. (�) Macroeconomic Effects of the Services Directive 1 - Harald Badinger; Fritz Breuss; Philip Schuster; Richard Sellner; F. Breuss; G. Fink; St. Griller (eds; Harald Badinger; Fritz Breuss; Philip Schuster
(application/pdf) - 06-ene-2015

8. (�) Theoretical vs. Empirical Power Indices: Do Preferences Matter? - Badinger, Harald; Mühlböck, Monika; Nindl, Elisabeth; Reuter, Wolf Heinrich
This paper investigates whether preference-based (empirical) power indices differ significantly from ...
(application/pdf) - 20-dic-2014

9. (�) Measurement of Fiscal Rules: Introducing the Application of Partially Ordered Set (POSET) Theory - Badinger, Harald; Reuter, Wolf Heinrich
Data on (economic) institutions are often available only as observations on ordinal, inherently inco ...
(application/pdf) - 20-dic-2014

10. (�) ORI GIN AL PA PER Trade and productivity: an industry perspective - Harald Badinger; Æ Fritz Breuss
Abstract We use a sample of 14 OECD countries and 15 manufacturing industries to test for the effect ...
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

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