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1. (�) Innovation beyond technology: alternative approaches and alternative responses - Boenink, Marianne; Vermaas, Pieter; Johnson, Deborah; Nordmann, Alfred; Poel, Ibo van de
In recent years, values have acquired an increasingly prominent role in innovation and ...
- 10-abr-2014

2. (�) The technological constitution of medicine's future: ontological and epistemological issues concerning "biomarkers" - Boenink, Marianne
- 10-abr-2014

3. (�) Inleiding - Schermer, Maartje; Boenink, Marianne; Meynen, Gerben
- 10-abr-2014

4. (�) ORIGINAL ARTICLE Debating the Desirability of New Biomedical Technologies: Lessons from the Introduction of Breast Cancer Screening in the Netherlands - Marianne Boenink
Ó The Author(s) 2011. This article is published with open access at
(application/zip) - 15-feb-2013

5. (�) Exploring the interaction between technology and morality in the field of genetic susceptibility testing: a scenario study - Stemerding, Dirk; Swierstra, Tjalling; Boenink, Marianne
With the rise of genomics promises and concerns have emerged about future possibilities for screenin ...
(application/pdf) - 04-may-2012

6. (�) Unambiguous test results or individual independence? The role of clients and families in predictive BRCA-testing in the Netherlands compared to the USA - Boenink, Marianne
It has been frequently acknowledged that results of predictive genetic tests may have implications f ...
- 04-ago-2011

7. (�) Informed decision making about predictive DNA tests: arguments for more public visibility of personal deliberations about the good life - Boenink, Marianne; van der Burg, Simone
Since its advent, predictive DNA testing has been perceived as a technology that may have considerab ...
- 30-jul-2011

8. (�) Taking Care of the Symbolic Order. How Converging Technologies Challenge our Concepts - Swierstra, Tsjalling; van Est, Rinie; Boenink, Marianne
In this article we briefly summarize how converging technologies challenge elements of the existing ...
- 30-jul-2011

9. (�) Tensions and Opportunities in Convergence: Shifting Concepts of Disease in Emerging Molecular Medicine - Boenink, Marianne
The convergence of biomedical sciences with nanotechnology as well as ICT has created a new wave of ...
- 30-jul-2011

10. (�) Converging Technologies, Shifting Boundaries - Swierstra, Tsjalling; Boenink, Marianne; Walhout, B.; Van Est, R.
- 30-jul-2011

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