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1. (�) HYPERTENSIVE RENAL DISEASE: SUSCEPTIBILITY AND RESISTANCE IN INBRED HYPERTENSIVE RAT LINES - Braun, Michael C.; Herring, Stacy M.; Gokul, Nisha; Monita, Monique; Bell, Rebecca; Hicks, M. John; Wenderfer, Scott E.; Doris, Peter A.
SHR lines differ in their susceptibility to hypertensive end-organ disease and may provide an inform ...
- 02-oct-2014

2. (�) Weather Avoidance Guidelines for NASA Global Hawk High-Altitude Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - Newman, Paul A.; Zipser, Edward J.; Velden, Chris S.; Cecil, Daniel J.; Dunion, Jason P.; Black, Peter G.; Monette, Sarah A.; Black, Michael L.; Heymsfield, Gerald M.; Braun, Scott A.
The current Global Hawk flight rules would probably not have been effective in the single event of g ...
(application/pdf) - 19-sep-2014

3. (�) Evaluation of eating and rumination behaviour using a noseband pressure sensor in cows during the peripartum period - Braun, Ueli; Tschoner, Theresa; Hässig, Michael
- 11-sep-2014

4. (�) Open Access - Erica M Weekman; Tiffany L Sudduth; Erin L Abner; Gabriel J Popa; Michael D Mendenhall; Holly M Brothers; Kaitlyn Braun; Abigail Greenstein; Donna M Wilcock
Transition from an M1 to a mixed neuroinflammatory phenotype increases amyloid deposition in APP/PS1 ...
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

5. (�) Parsimony and Model-Based Analyses of Indels in Avian Nuclear Genes Reveal Congruent and Incongruent Phylogenetic Signals - Tamaki Yuri; Rebecca T. Kimball; John Harshman; Rauri C. K. Bowie; Michael J. Braun; Jena L. Chojnowski; Kin-lan Han; Shannon J. Hackett; Christopher J. Huddleston; William S. Moore; Sushma Reddy; Frederick H. Sheldon; David W. Steadman; Christopher C. Witt; Edward L. Braun
- 05-sep-2014

6. (�) Verifying computations with state - Benjamin Braun; Ariel J. Feldman; Zuocheng Ren; Srinath Setty; Andrew J. Blumberg; Michael Walfish
When a client outsources a job to a third party (e.g., the cloud), how can the client check the resu ...
(application/pdf) - 04-sep-2014

7. (�) Resolving the conflict between generality and plausibility in verified computation - Srinath Setty; Benjamin Braun; Victor Vu; Andrew J. Blumberg; Bryan Parno; Michael Walfish
The area of proof-based verified computation (outsourced computation built atop probabilistically ch ...
(application/pdf) - 02-sep-2014

8. (�) Validating archetypes for the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite - Braun, Michael; Brandt, Alexander Ulrich; Schulz, Stefan; Boeker, Martin
- 16-ago-2014

9. (�) Transition from an M1 to a mixed neuroinflammatory phenotype increases amyloid deposition in APP/PS1 transgenic mice - Weekman, Erica M; Sudduth, Tiffany L; Abner, Erin L; Popa, Gabriel J; Mendenhall, Michael D; Brothers, Holly M; Braun, Kaitlyn; Greenstein, Abigail; Wilcock, Donna M
- 13-ago-2014

10. (�) The EF Loop in Green Proteorhodopsin Affects Conformation and Photocycle dynamics - Mehler, Michaela; Scholz, Frank; Ullrich, Sandra J.; Mao, Jiafei; Braun, Markus; Brown, Lynda J.; Brown, Richard C.D.; Fiedler, Sarah A.; Becker-Baldus, Johanna; Wachtveitl, Josef; Glaubitz, Clemens
- 17-jul-2014

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