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1. (�) Correction of a 3D Object Reconstructed from a Single Image - Q. R. Chen; J. Z. Liu; W. K. Cham; H. T. Tsui
Previous methods for 3D object reconstruction from single line drawings assume that a drawing depict ...
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

2. (�) laryngoscope and the effectiveness of corrective measures† - E. H. C. Liu; R. W. L. Goy; F. G. Chen
Background. The LMA CTrachTM ‡ system has integrated fibreoptics to enable viewing of the glottis to aid tracheal intubation via a laryngeal mask conduit. Earlier evaluations of this system had shown
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

3. (�) The permutation distribution of matrix correlation statistics, in Stein’s method and applications, Eds - A. D. Barbour; Louis H. Y. Chen
Abstract. Many statistics used to test for association between pairs (yi, zi) of multivariate observ ...
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

4. (�) The Effect of Types of Banner Ad, Web Localization and Customer Involvement on Internet Users ' Attitudes - Victor Chen; William H. Ross; David C. Yen; Lerdsuwankij Akhapon
As internet advertising is becoming more important, researchers have turned their focus from traditi ...
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

5. (�) Int7G24A Variant of Transforming Growth Factor-BReceptor Type I Is Associatedwith Invasive Breast Cancer - Taiping Chen; Chad R. Jackson; Andrew Link; Michael P. Markey; Brucem Colligan; Larry E. Douglass; Jackson O. Pemberton; James A. Deddens; Jeremy R. Graff; Julia H. Carter
Abstract Purpose: The transforming growth factor-h (TGF-h) signaling pathway has been frequently implicated in breast cancer. An intronic variant (Int7G24A) ofTGF-h receptor type I (TGFBR1) is
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

6. (�) Superoxide Dismutase on Arterial Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 Expression and Superoxide Production in - Lixin Li; Elahe Crockett; Donna H. Wang; James J. Galligan; Gregory D. Fink; Alex F. Chen; Deoxycorticosterone Acetate-salt Hypertension; Gene Transfer; Endothelial No Synthase; Manganese Superoxide Dismutase On; Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol; Deoxycorticosterone Acetate-salt Hypertension; Lixin Li; Elahe Crockett; Donna H. Wang; James J. Galligan; Gregory D. Fink; Alex F. Chen
at: is onlineArteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology Information about subscribing to Sub ...
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

7. (�) Dynamic changes in protein-protein interaction and protein phosphorylation probed with amine-reactive isotope tag - Marcus B. Smolka; Claudio P. Albuquerque; Sheng-hong Chen; Kristina H. Schmidt; Xiao X. Wei; Richard D. Kolodner; Huilin Zhou
We present an approach for quantitative analysis of changes in the composition and phosphorylation o ...
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

8. (�) New Debris Disks Around Young, Low Mass Stars Discovered With The Spitzer Space Telescope - Peter Plavchan; M. W. Werner; C. H. Chen; K. R. Stapelfeldt; K. Y. L. Su; I. Song
We present 24 µm and 70 µm MIPS (Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer) observations of 70 A thro ...
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

9. (�) Shear force at the cell-matrix interface: Enhanced analysis for microfabricated post array detectors.Mech - Christopher A. Lemmon; Nathan J. Sniadecki; Sami Alom Ruiz; John L. Tan; Lewis H. Romer; Christopher S. Chen
Abstract: The interplay of mechanical forces between the extracellular environment and the cytoskele ...
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

10. (�) Special article Workgroup II: the screening process. UICC International Workshop on Facilitating Screening for Colorectal Cancer, - S. Winawer; J. Faivre; J. Selby; L. Bertaro; T. H. -h. Chen; O. Kroborg; B. Levin; M. Richards; G. Rennert; A. Russo; H. Saito; B. Semigfnovsky; B. Wong
The charge to our workgroup was to address the screening process: specifically, for different method ...
(application/pdf) - 25-ene-2015

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