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  1. A Query Integrator and Manager for the Query Web (�)

    Brinkley, James F.; Detwiler, Landon T.
    and the semantic web, and a Query Web Integrator and Manager (QI) that enables the Query Web to evolve. QI permits users to write, save and reuse queries over any web accessible source, including
    (pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000257/01/VQM20.pdf) 18-oct-2016

  2. Ontology-based Image Navigation: Exploring 3.0-T MR Neurography of the Brachial Plexus Using AIM and RadLex (�)

    Wang, Kenneth C.; Salunkhe, Aditya R.; Morrison, James J.; Lee, Pearlene P.; Mejino, José L. V.; Detwiler, Landon T.; Brinkley, James F.; Siegel, Eliot L.; Rubin, Daniel L.; Carrino, John A.
    An interactive 3.0-T MR neurographic imaging atlas is described that combines AIM image annotations, the RadLex radiology ontology, and Web technologies to allow users to explore the imaging anatomy

  3. vSPARQL: A View Definition Language for the Semantic Web (�)

    Shaw, Marianne; Detwiler, Landon T; Noy, N. F.; Brinkley, James F; Suciu, Dan
    Translational medicine applications would like to leverage the biological and biomedical ontologies ... applications to specify the exact content that they are interested in and how that content should be
    (pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000258/01/nihms-237323.pdf) 18-oct-2016

  4. Distributed Queries for Quality Control Checks in Clinical Trials (�)

    Nichols, Nolan; Detwiler, Landon T; Franklin, Joshua D; Brinkley, James F
    information in order to populate QC checks that can facilitate discrepancy resolution workflow in
    (pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000252/01/nichols-cri-2011.pdf; other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000252/02/nichols-AMIA-CRI-2011-Poster_final.pdf) 18-oct-2016

  5. Value Sets via Ontology Views (�)

    Detwiler, Landon T; Brinkley, James F
    We present a method for defining value sets as queries over ontologies (ontology views), and a mecha ...
    (pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000251/01/detwiler-amia-cri-2011.pdf; other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000251/02/ValueSets_AMIA_CRI_2011.pdf) 18-oct-2016

  6. Intelligent Queries over BIRN Data using the Foundational Model of Anatomy and a Distributed Query-Based Data Integration System (�)

    Brinkley, James F; Turner, Jessica A; Detwiler, Landon T; Mejino, Jose L V; Martone, Maryanne E; Rubin, Daniel L
    We demonstrate the usefulness of the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) ontology in reconciling different neuroanatomical parcellation schemes in order to facilitate automatic annotation and
    (other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000248/01/AMIA-1475-A2009.PDF; pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000248/02/BIRNQueriesPoster3.pdf) 18-oct-2016

  7. Ontology View Query Management (�)

    Detwiler, Landon T; Shaw, Marianne; Brinkley, James F
    ontologies rather than tables. To enhance the reusability of such views, we are constructing a view Query Manager application. The Query Manager allows queries to be edited, executed, and stored for reuse
    (other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000247/01/AMIA-1015-A2009.PDF; pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000247/02/QueryManagerPoster_final.pdf) 18-oct-2016

  8. Enabling RadLex with the Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology to Organize and Integrate Neuro-imaging Data (�)

    Mejino, Jose L V; Detwiler, Landon T; Turner, Jessica A; Martone, Maryann E; Rubin, Daniel L; Brinkley, James F
    derived from the Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology1 thereby providing RadLex the facility to ... this work is to promote data sharing, data harmonization and interoperability between disparate
    (other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000246/01/AMIA-1310-A2009.PDF; pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000246/02/MejinoAMIA2010Poster.11.08.pdf; other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000246/03/MejinoAMIA2010Poster.11.08.ppt) 18-oct-2016

  9. Evaluation of probabilistic and logical inference for a SNP annotation system (�)

    Shen, Terry H; Detwiler, Landon T; Tarczy-Hornoch, Peter; Cadag, Eithon; Carlson, Christopher S
    Genome wide association studies (GWAS) are an important approach to understanding the genetic ... in genome wide association studies, and the ability to predict which SNPs are likely to be
    (pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000244/01/shen-detwiler-jbi-2010.pdf) 18-oct-2016

  10. Application of neuroanatomical ontologies for neuroimaging data annotation (�)

    Turner, Jessica A; Mejino, Jose L V; Brinkley, James F; Detwiler, Landon T; Lee, Hyo Jong; Martone, Maryann E; Rubin, Daniel L
    challenging, due to the diversity of terminologies of neuroanatomical structures and cortical parcellation schemes. To address this challenge, we extended the Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology (FMA
    (pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000243/01/Turner-Mejino-Application_of_neuroanatomical_ontologies_for_neuroimaging_data_annotation-10.3389-fninf.2010.00010.pdf; other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000243/02/neurofma_fma3.0_v1.0.owl) 18-oct-2016

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