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  1. Complexity of Grundy Coloring and Its Variants (�)

    Bonnet, Edouard; Foucaud, Florent; Kim, Eun Jung; Sikora, Florian
    International audience

  2. Functional comparison of induced pluripotent stem cell- and blood-derived GPIIbIIIa deficient platelets. (�)

    Mathias Orban; Alexander Goedel; Jessica Haas; Kirstin Sandrock-Lang; Florian Gärtner; Christian Billy Jung; Barbara Zieger; Elvira Parrotta; Karin Kurnik; Daniel Sinnecker; Gerhard Wanner; Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz; Steffen Massberg; Alessandra Moretti
    Human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) represent a versatile tool to model genetic diseases a ...

  3. Deficiency of retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 1 induces BMP2 and increases bone mass in vivo. (�)

    Shriram Nallamshetty; Hong Wang; Eun-Jung Rhee; Florian W Kiefer; Jonathan D Brown; Sutada Lotinun; Phuong Le; Roland Baron; Clifford J Rosen; Jorge Plutzky
    The effects of retinoids, the structural derivatives of vitamin A (retinol), on post-natal peak bone ...

  4. Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus tegument protein ORF75 is essential for viral lytic replication and plays a critical role in the antagonization of ND10-instituted intrinsic immunity. (�)

    Florian Full; Doris Jungnickl; Nina Reuter; Elke Bogner; Kevin Brulois; Brigitte Scholz; Michael Stürzl; Jinjong Myoung; Jae U Jung; Thomas Stamminger; Armin Ensser
    Nuclear domain 10 (ND10) components are restriction factors that inhibit herpesviral replication. Ef ...

  5. Phosphorylation of nicastrin by SGK1 leads to its degradation through lysosomal and proteasomal pathways. (�)

    Jung-Soon Mo; Ji-Hye Yoon; Ji-Ae Hong; Mi-Yeon Kim; Eun-Jung Ann; Ji-Seon Ahn; Su-Man Kim; Hyeong-Jin Baek; Florian Lang; Eui-Ju Choi; Hee-Sae Park
    The gamma-secretase complex is involved in the intramembranous proteolysis of a variety of substrate ...

  6. The torque of rotary F-ATPase can unfold subunit gamma if rotor and stator are cross-linked. (�)

    Florian Hilbers; Wolfgang Junge; Hendrik Sielaff
    During ATP hydrolysis by F(1)-ATPase subunit γ rotates in a hydrophobic bearing, formed by the N-ter ...

  7. Blunt Chest Trauma in Mice after Cigarette Smoke-Exposure: Effects of Mechanical Ventilation with 100% O2. (�)

    Katja Wagner; Michael Gröger; Oscar McCook; Angelika Scheuerle; Pierre Asfar; Bettina Stahl; Markus Huber-Lang; Anita Ignatius; Birgit Jung; Matthias Duechs; Peter Möller; Michael Georgieff; Enrico Calzia; Peter Radermacher; Florian Wagner
    Cigarette smoking (CS) aggravates post-traumatic acute lung injury and increases ventilator-induced ...

  8. Integration of Oncology and Palliative Care: A Systematic Review (�)

    Hui, David; Kim, Yu Jung; Park, Ji Chan; Zhang, Yi; Strasser, Florian; Cherny, Nathan; Kaasa, Stein; Davis, Mellar P.; Bruera, Eduardo
    A systematic review to identify articles addressing the clinical, educational, research, and adminis ...

  9. ADAM9 is highly expressed in renal cell cancer and is associated with tumour progression (�)

    Johannsen Manfred; Lein Michael; Kristiansen Ilka; Tölle Angelika; Jung Monika; Wassermann Kirsten; Fritzsche Florian R; Dietel Manfred; Jung Klaus; Kristiansen Glen



    A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease (ADAM) 9 ...

  10. Class I histone deacetylases 1, 2 and 3 are highly expressed in renal cell cancer (�)

    Jung Klaus; Stephan Carsten; Beckers Thomas; Gekeler Volker; Röske Annika; Weichert Wilko; Fritzsche Florian R; Scholman Katharina; Denkert Carsten; Dietel Manfred; Kristiansen Glen



    Enhanced activity of histone deacetylases (HDAC) is associated ...

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