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  1. Population genetic structure of Cistus ladanifer L. (Cistaceae) and genetic differentiation from co-occurring Cistus species (�)

    Carlier, JD; Leitao, J; Fonseca, Filomena
    Amplified fragment length polymorphism and inter simple sequence repeat markers were used to assess ...

  2. Typing of Egyptian Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) isolates based on the capsid protein gene (�)

    Amin, H. A.; Fonseca, Filomena; Santos, C.; Nolasco, Gustavo
    The capsid protein gene of three Egyptian CTV isolates from two locations was amplified by immunocap ...

  3. Genomic variability of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) isolates introduced into Morocco (�)

    Lbida, B.; Fonseca, Filomena; Santos, C.; Zemzami, M.; Bennani, A.; Nolasco, Gustavo
    Genomic variability of the coat protein gene of Citrus tristeza virus isolates obtained from old Mey ...

  4. Genomic variability of prune dwarf virus as affected by agricultural practice (�)

    Fonseca, Filomena; Neto, J. D.; Martins, V.; Nolasco, Gustavo
    Twelve new sequences of the coat protein gene of Prune dwarf virus (PDV) variants, obtained from alm ...

  5. Rupestris stem pitting associated virus isolates are composed by mixtures of genomic variants which share a highly conserved coat protein (�)

    Nolasco, Gustavo; Santos, C.; Santos, M. T.; Cortez, I.; Fonseca, Filomena; Petrovic, N.; Boben, J.; Pereira, A. M. N.; Sequeira, O. A.
    Broad spectrum primers were used to amplify a fragment comprising the CP gene and putative ORF6 by R ...

  6. Presence of Citrus tristeza virus in Angola and São Tomé e Princípe: characterization of isolates based on coat protein gene analysis (�)

    Silva, G.; Fonseca, Filomena; Santos, C; Nolasco, Gustavo
    A first report is given of the presence of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) in Angola and Sao Tome e Prin ...

  7. Occurrence of genetic bottlenecks during citrus tristeza virus acquisition by Toxoptera citricida under field conditions (�)

    Nolasco, Gustavo; Fonseca, Filomena; Silva, G.
    In this study, we address the involvement of T. citricida in strain segregation and genetic bottlene ...

  8. Development of an asymmetric PCR-ELISA typing method for citrus tristeza virus based on the coat protein gene (�)

    Nolasco, Gustavo; Santos, C.; Silva, G.; Fonseca, Filomena
    The coat protein gene of isolates of citrus tristeza virus (CTV) from 20 citrus-producing regions ar ...

  9. Validation of control of allergic rhinitis and asthma test for children (CARATKids) - a prospective multicenter study (�)

    Linhares, Daniela V. B. R.; Fonseca, Jo??o Almeida L. da; Borrego, Lu??s Miguel; Matos, ??gueda; Pereira, Ana Margarida; Sousa, Ana S??; Gaspar, ??ngela; Mendes, C??ndida; Moreira, Carla; Gomes, Eva; Rebelo, Filomena F.; Rodrigues, Jos?? Carlos Cidrais; Onofre, Jos?? Manuel; Azevedo, Lu??s Filipe; Alfaro, Maria; Calix, Maria Jos??; Amaral, Rita; Alves, Rodrigo Rodrigues; Sousa, Jaime Correia de; Almeida, M??rio Morais
    BACKGROUND: Control of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma Test for Children (CARATKids) is the first quest ...

  10. Molecular data mining to improve antibody-based detection of grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1 (GLRaV-1). (�)

    Esteves, Filipa; Teixeira Santos, Margarida; Eiras-Dias, José Eduardo; Fonseca, Filomena
    Testing for Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1 (GLRaV-1) is mandatory in certification schemes of ...

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