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  1. Functional Connectivity in MRI Is Driven by Spontaneous BOLD Events. (�)

    Thomas W Allan; Susan T Francis; Cesar Caballero-Gaudes; Peter G Morris; Elizabeth B Liddle; Peter F Liddle; Matthew J Brookes; Penny A Gowland
    Functional brain signals are frequently decomposed into a relatively small set of large scale, distr ...

  2. Colon wall motility: comparison of novel quantitative semi-automatic measurements using cine MRI (�)

    Hoad, CL; Menys, A; Garsed, K; Marciani, L; Hamy, V; Murray, K; Costigan, C; Atkinson, D; Major, G; Spiller, RC; Taylor, SA; Gowland, PA

  3. Colonic response to laxative ingestion as assessed by MRI differs in constipated irritable bowel syndrome compared to functional constipation (�)

    Lam, C; Chaddock, G; Marciani, L; Costigan, C; Paul, J; Cox, E; Hoad, C; Menys, A; Pritchard, S; Garsed, K; Taylor, S; Atkinson, D; Gowland, P; Spiller, R
    BACKGROUND: Functional constipation (FC) and irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) shar ...
    (text; text) 10-abr-2017

  4. Persistence of inert macromolecules (imposil)in the rat mesangium and glomerular funtional disturbance (�)

    Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Aparacio, SR; Shires, M
    mesangial handling of intravenously injected Imposil (50 mg/100 g body weight) in normal rats by light

  5. Uptake and disposal of BSA-Coated latex particles by the rat mesangium-reaction with subsequently administered heterologous antiserum (�)

    Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Aparicio, SR; Shires, M
    Mesangial uptake and disposal of antigen-coated latex particles and the ability of subsequently inje ...

  6. Preparation, purification and analysis of BSA-coated latex particles for invivo studies. Non-ionic adsorbance of unbound protein ligand. (�)

    Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Shires, M
    A procedure for the preparation, purification and analysis of small, BSA-coated carboxylate-modified ...

  7. Glomerular inflammation: a consequence of sequential challenge of the rat mesangium with particulate macromolecules (�)

    Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Shires, M
    Imposil pretreatment (50 mg/100 g bodyweight) of male Sprague-Dawley rate (100-150 g), 24-48 h before an albumin-coated latex challenge resulted 24 h later in markedly reduced mesangial endocytosis

  8. Spontaneous glomerular immunoglobulin deposition in young Sprague-Dawley rats (�)

    Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Shires, M
    The frequency, age-onset and distribution of spontaneously deposited immunoglobulins (Igs) in glomer ...

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