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1. (�) Gastric emptying of three liquid oral preoperative metabolic preconditioning regimens measured by magnetic resonance imaging in healthy adult volunteers: a randomised double-blind, cross-over study - Lobo, D.N.; Hendry, P.O.; Rodrigues, G.; Marciani, L.; Totman, J.J.; Wright, J.W.; Preston, T.; Gowland, P.; Spiller, R.C.; Fearon, K.C.
. Volunteers ingested 400 ml preOp, which is a clear carbohydrate drink (CCD) (50 g carbohydrate, 0 g protein), 70 g ONS (50 g carbohydrate and 15 g glutamine) dissolved in water to a total volume of
- 10-ene-2013

2. (�) Persistence of inert macromolecules (imposil)in the rat mesangium and glomerular funtional disturbance - Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Aparacio, SR; Shires, M
mesangial handling of intravenously injected Imposil (50 mg/100 g body weight) in normal rats by light
- 27-abr-2012

3. (�) Uptake and disposal of BSA-Coated latex particles by the rat mesangium-reaction with subsequently administered heterologous antiserum - Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Aparicio, SR; Shires, M
Mesangial uptake and disposal of antigen-coated latex particles and the ability of subsequently inje ...
- 24-abr-2012

4. (�) Preparation, purification and analysis of BSA-coated latex particles for invivo studies. Non-ionic adsorbance of unbound protein ligand. - Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Shires, M
A procedure for the preparation, purification and analysis of small, BSA-coated carboxylate-modified ...
- 24-abr-2012

5. (�) Glomerular inflammation: a consequence of sequential challenge of the rat mesangium with particulate macromolecules - Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Shires, M
Imposil pretreatment (50 mg/100 g bodyweight) of male Sprague-Dawley rate (100-150 g), 24-48 h before an albumin-coated latex challenge resulted 24 h later in markedly reduced mesangial endocytosis
- 24-abr-2012

6. (�) Spontaneous glomerular immunoglobulin deposition in young Sprague-Dawley rats - Goode, NP; Davison, AM; Gowland, G; Shires, M
The frequency, age-onset and distribution of spontaneously deposited immunoglobulins (Igs) in glomer ...
- 21-abr-2012

7. (�) Phenotypic heterogeneity in inherited prion disease (P102L) is associated with differential propagation of protease-resistant wild-type and mutant prion protein - Wadsworth, JDF; Joiner, S; Linehan, JM; Cooper, S; Powell, C; Mallinson, G; Buckell, J; Gowland, I; Asante, EA; Budka, H; Brandner, S; Collinge, J
Inherited prion diseases are caused by PRNP coding mutations and display marked phenotypic heterogen ...
- 29-ago-2014

8. (�) A modified radioallergosorbent test for the in vitro detection of allergen antibodies - Sarsfield, J. K.; Gowland, G.
The radioallergosorbent test was designed as an in vitro method to detect antialler-gen antibodies o ...
- 12-mar-2008

9. (�) Hyposplenism, adult coeliac disease, and autoimmunity. - Bullen, A W; Hall, R; Gowland, G; Rajah, S; Losowsky, M S
Functional hyposplenism is associated with a variety of disorders including coeliac disease. The aim ...
- 11-mar-2008

10. (�) Migration inhibition with various cell fractions in human colorectal cancer. - Armitstead, P R; Gowland, G
The unseparated leucocytes, separated mononuclear cells and granulocytes of six control subjects and ...
- 10-mar-2008

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