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  1. Sources and exchanges of mercury in the waters of the Northwestern Mediterranean margin (�)

    Cossa, Daniel; Durrieu De Madron, Xavier; Schäfer, Jörg; Guédron, Stéphane; Marusczak, Nicolas; Castelle, Sabine; Naudin, Jean-jacques
    Ocean margins are focal regions in terms of mercury (Hg) exchanges between the continent and the ope ...
    (application/pdf) 18-may-2018

  2. (Pre-) historic changes in natural and anthropogenic heavy metals deposition inferred from two contrasting Swiss Alpine lakes (�)

    Thevenon , Florian; Guédron , Stéphane; Chiaradia , Massimo; Loizeau , Jean-Luc; Poté , John
    International audience

  3. Lichen and soil as indicators of an atmospheric mercury contamination in the vicinity of a chlor-alkali plant (Grenoble, France) (�)

    Grangeon , Sylvain; Guedron , Stéphane; Asta , J.; Sarret , Geraldine; Charlet , L.
    International audience

  4. Iron and sulfur biogeochemical processes involved in mercury mobility and speciation in an artificial aquifer (�)

    Harris-Hellal , Jennifer; Huguet , Lucie; Guedron , Stéphane; Lanceleur , Laurent; Schäfer , Jörg; Joulian , Catherine; Burnol , André; Laperche , Valérie; Garrido , Françis; Battaglia-Brunet , Fabienne
    Although many data are available on the Hg cycle in terrestrial surface aquatic environments, little ...

  5. Amazonian former gold mined soils as a source of methylmercury: Evidence from a small scale watershed in French Guiana (�)

    Guédron , Stephane; Grimaldi , Michel; Grimaldi , Catherine; Cossa , Daniel; Tisserand , Delphine; Charlet , Laurent
    International audience

  6. The open sea as the main source of methylmercury in the water column of the Gulf of Lions (Northwestern Mediterranean margin) (�)

    Cossa, Daniel; De Madron, Xavier Durrieu; Schafer, Jorg; Lanceleur, Laurent; Guedron, Stephane; Buscail, Roselyne; Thomas, Bastien; Castelle, Sabine; Naudin, Jean-jacques
    Despite the ecologic and economical importance of coastal areas, the neurotoxic bioaccumulable monom ...
    (application/pdf) 03-ene-2018

  7. Using palaeobotanical and geochemical investigations to disentangle complex relations between human and landscape: The lacustrine record of Lake Petit (2200m, Southern Alps) (�)

    Brisset , Elodie; Cartier , Rosine; Guiter , Frédéric; Miramont , Cécile; Guedron , Stéphane; Anthony , Edward ,; De Beaulieu , Jacques-Louis; Delhon , Claire; Arnaud , Fabien; Pailles , Christine; SYLVESTRE , Florence; Poulenard , Jérôme; Meunier , Jean-Dominique; SONZOGNI , Corinne
    Archaeological studies carried out in the European Alps have documented ancient human occupation of ...

  8. (�)

    Guedron , Stéphane
    Thèse co-encadrée par Michel Grimaldi (IRD, Bélèm), Laurent Charlet (CNRS/LGIT, Grenoble) et Daniel ...

  9. Mercury distribution in tropical soil profiles related to origin of mercury and soil processes (�)

    Grimaldi , Catherine; Grimaldi , Michel; Guedron , Stéphane
    The aim of the study is to improve our understanding of the vertical and lateral variations in the m ...

  10. Mercury speciation in a tropical soil association; Consequence of gold mining on Hg distribution in French Guiana (�)

    Guedron , Stéphane; Grangeon , Sylvain; Lanson , Bruno; Grimaldi , Michel
    International audience

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