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  1. 14.382 Econometrics I, Spring 2005 (�)

    Hausman, Jerry; Chernozhukov, Victor
    This course focuses on the specification and estimation of the linear regression model. The course d ...

  2. Asymptotic Properties of the Hahn–Hausman Test for Weak-Instruments (�)

    Hausman, Jerry; Stock, James H; Yogo, Motohiro
    This paper provides weak-instrument asymptotic representations of tests for instrument validity by Hahn and Hausman's (HH) [Hahn, J., Hausman, J., 2002. A new specification test for the validity of
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

  3. Testing overidentifying restrictions with many instruments and heteroskedasticity (�)

    Chao, John C.; Swanson, Norman R.; Woutersen, Tiemen; Hausman, Jerry A; Newey, Whitney K
    instruments than the Hausman–Sargan or GMM tests of overidentifying restrictions.

  4. A Bayesian Semiparametric Competing Risk Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity (�)

    Burda, Martin; Harding, Matthew; Hausman, Jerry A.
    This paper generalizes existing econometric models for censored competing risks by introducing a new ...

  5. An econometric assessment of telecommunications prices and consumer surplus in Mexico using panel data (�)

    Hausman, Jerry A.; Ros, Agustin J.
    We analyze telecommunications prices in Mexico by using a panel data of countries similar to Mexico ...

  6. A Poisson mixture model of discrete choice (�)

    Burda, Martin; Harding, Matthew; Hausman, Jerry A.
    In this paper, we introduce a new Poisson mixture model for count panel data where the underlying Po ...

  7. Heteroskedasticity-robust inference in finite samples (�)

    Palmer, Christopher; Hausman, Jerry A.
    Since the advent of heteroskedasticity-robust standard errors, several papers have proposed adjustme ...

  8. Combining Two Consistent Estimators (�)

    Chao, John C.; Hausman, Jerry A.; Newey, Whitney K.; Swanson, Norman R.; Woutersen, Tiemen
    information maximum likelihood (LIML)) were introduced by Hausman, Newey, Woutersen, Chao, and Swanson (2012), but without derivation. Combining consistent estimators is a theme that is associated with Jerry

  9. An Expository Note on the Existence of Moments of Fuller and HFUL Estimators (�)

    Chao, John C.; Hausman, Jerry A.; Newey, Whitney K.; Swanson, Norman R.; Woutersen, Tiemen
    In a recent paper, Hausman, Newey, Woutersen, Chao, and Swanson (2012) propose a new estimator ... of this note is to discuss at greater length the existence of moments result given in Hausman et

  10. Telecommunications Deregulation (�)

    Taylor, William E; Hausman, Jerry A.
    From Fred Kahn's writings and experiences as a telecommunications regulator and commenter, we draw t ...

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