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1. (�) Co-directeur de thèse - Présentée En; Vue De; Grade De; Docteur De L’université; Spécialité Géochimie; Alexandra Gourlan; Stratigraphie Isotopique; Du Néodyme; F. Grousset; C. Hillaire-marcel; L. Meynadier; Directeur De Thèse
(application/pdf) - 26-ago-2015

2. (�) Effects of the Selective Aldosterone Blocker Eplerenone Versus the Calcium Antagonist Amlodipine in Systolic Hypertension - Michael A. Weber; William B. White; Daniel Duprez; Richard St Hillaire; Scott Krause; Barbara Roniker; Amlodipine In Systolic Hypertension; William B. White; Daniel Duprez; Richard St Hillaire; Scott Krause; Barbara Roniker; Janice Kuse-hamilton; Michael A. Weber
The online version of this article, along with updated information and services, is located on the
(application/pdf) - 25-ago-2015

3. (�) Holocene fluctuations in Arctic sea-ice cover: Dinocyst-based reconstructions for the eastern Chukchi - Chukchi Sea; J. L. Mckay; A. De Vernal; C. Hillaire-marcel; C. Not; L. Polyak; D. Darby
Abstract: Cores from site HLY0501-05 on the Alaskan margin in the eastern Chukchi Sea were analyzed ...
(application/pdf) - 23-ago-2015

4. (�) Heinrich 0 at the Younger Dryas Termination Offshore Newfoundland - Pearce, C.; Andrews, J. T.; Jennings, A. E.; Bouloubassi, Ioanna; Seidenkrantz, M. S.; Kuijpers, A.; Hillaire-Marcel, C.
International audience
- 18-jul-2015

5. (�) Design and Application of Real-Time Visual Attention Model for the Exploration of 3D Virtual Environments - Hillaire, Sébastien; Lecuyer, Anatole; Regia-Corte, Tony; Cozot, Rémi; Royan, Jerome; Breton, Gaspard
International audience
- 19-may-2015

6. (�) NO−3-15N to measure in-situ denitrification - Lisa Kellman; Claude Hillaire-marcel
Abstract. Contamination of surface- and groundwaters as a result of anthropogenic nitrate loading is ...
(application/pdf) - 03-abr-2015

7. (�) Linkage analysis of blood Plasmodium falciparum levels: interest of the 5q31-q33 chromosome region - Andre Garcia; Sandrine Marquet; Bruno Bucheton; Dominique Hillaire; Michel Cot; Nadine Fievet; Alain J. Dessein; Laurent Abel
Abstract. There is accumulating evidence for the involvement of genetic factors in the human respons ...
(application/pdf) - 05-feb-2015

8. (�) Figure S2. Binding of LIG Family Proteins to TrkA and p75NTR. - Kenji M; Ting Guo; Coryse St. Hillaire; James S. Meabon; Kevin C. Kanning; Mark Bothwell; David D. Ginty
(A) Protein labeling on the cell surface. PC12 cells stably expressing full-length Linx were treated ...
(application/pdf) - 29-ene-2015

9. (�) Variability of sea ice cover in the Chukchi Sea (western Arctic Ocean) during the Holocene - Anne De Vernal; Claude Hillaire-marcel; Dennis A. Darby
[1] Dinocysts from cores collected in the Chukchi Sea from the shelf edge to the lower slope were us ...
(application/pdf) - 23-ene-2015

10. (�) Evaluation of nitrogen isotopes as indicators of nitrate contamination sources in an agricultural watershed - L. M. Kellman A; C. Hillaire-marcel B
Determining the relative contributions of nitrate contamination in agricultural watersheds character ...
(application/pdf) - 20-ene-2015

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