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  1. Diversity of phlD alleles in the rhizosphere of wheat cropped under annual rice–wheat rotation in fields of the Indo-Gangetic plains: influence of cultivation conditions (�)

    Imfeld , Gwenael; Shani , Noam; Roesti , David; Fromin , Nathalie; N. Johri , Bhavdish; Gaur , Rachna; Rossi , Pierre; Locatelli , Laurent; Poly , Frank; Aragno , Michel
    The antibiotic 2,4-diacetyphloroglucinol is a major determinant in the biocontrol of plant growth pr ...

  2. In lab and in situ assessment of pesticide effects on aquatic organisms: key role of groundwater monitoring of Ariège alluvial plain (France). (�)

    Baran , Nicole; Blanchet , Simon; Gauthier , Laury; Imfeld , Gwenael; Maazouzi , Chafik; Marmonier , Pierre; Mouchet , Florence; Piscart , Christophe; Riberon , Alexandre; Vuilleumier , Stéphane
    International audience

  3. Microbial molecular and isotopic biomarkers of chloroethene (PCE, TCE, DCE, CV) biodegradation to evaluate natural attenuation contaminated plumes: which added value? (�)

    Hellal , Jennifer; Vuilleumier , Stéphane; jérémie , denonfoux; Hermon , Louis; Imfeld , Gwenael; Ferreira , Stéphanie; Joulian , Catherine
    International audience

  4. Microbial molecular and isotopic biomarkers for evaluating natural attenuation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in multi-contaminated sites (�)

    Hellal , Jennifer; Denonfoux , Jérémie; Joulian , Catherine; Hermon , Louis; Vuilleumier , Stéphane; Ferreira , Stéphanie; Imfeld , Gwenaël
    International audience

  5. Large-Scale, High-Resolution Data Acquisition System for Extracellular Recording of Electrophysiological Activity (�)

    Imfeld, K.; Neukom, S.; Maccione, A.; Bornat, Y.; Martinoia, S.; Farine, P.-A.; Koudelka-Hep, M.; Berdondini, L.
    A platform for high spatial and temporal resolution electrophysiological recordings of in vitro elec ...

  6. Removal of pesticide mixtures in a stormwater wetland collecting runoff from a vineyard catchment. (�)

    Maillard , Elodie; PAYRAUDEAU , Sylvain; Faivre , Etienne; Gregoire , Caroline; Gangloff , Sophie; Imfeld , Gwenaël
    International audience

  7. Biodégradation du cis-DCE par la communauté naturelle d'un aquifère contaminé et lien avec l'abondance des gènes fonctionnels (�)

    Joulian , Catherine; Bourdier , Camille; Denonfoux , Jérémie; Imfeld , Gwenaël; Ferreira , Stéphanie; Vuilleumier , Stéphane; Hermon , Louis; Hellal , Jennifer
    National audience

  8. PRACTISE Survey-PhaRmAcist-led CogniTIve Services in Europe: first results (�)

    Imfeld-Isenegger, Tamara L.; Costa, Filipa A.; Soares, Inês Branco; Kos, Mitja; Makovec, Urska N.; Hersberger, Kurt. E.
    Poster presented at the 10th PCNE Working Conference, 1-4 February 2017, Bled, Slovenia

  9. PRACTISE - PhaRmAcist-led CogniTIve Services in Europe: recruitment and current status (�)

    Imfeld-Isenegger, Tamara L.; Soares, Inês Branco; Costa, Filipa A.; Makovec, Urska Nabergoj; Horvat, Nejc; Kos, Mitja; Hersberger, Kurt E.
    Poster presented at the 10th PCNE Working Conference, 1-4 February 2017, Bled, Slovenia

  10. Pesticide risk mitigation by vegetated treatment systems: a meta-analysis. (�)

    Stehle , Sebastian; Elsaesser , David; Gregoire , Caroline; Imfeld , Gwenaël; Niehaus , Engelbert; Passeport , Elodie; PAYRAUDEAU , Sylvain; Schäfer , Ralf B; TOURNEBIZE , Julien; Schulz , Ralf
    International audience

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