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1. (�) RESEARCH ETHICS - E J Wagena; P Knipschild
Do drug firms hoodwink medical journals? Or is something wrong with the contribution and integrity o ...
(application/pdf) - 14-nov-2015

2. (�) Ginkgo biloba for cerebral insufficiency. - Kleijnen, J; Knipschild, P
1. By means of a critical review we tried to establish whether there is evidence from controlled tri ...
- 10-mar-2008

3. (�) Garlic, onions and cardiovascular risk factors. A review of the evidence from human experiments with emphasis on commercially available preparations. - Kleijnen, J; Knipschild, P; ter Riet, G
1. Claims for beneficial effects on cholesterol levels, fibrinolytic activity, and platelet aggregat ...
- 10-mar-2008

4. (�) Randomised clinical trial of manipulative therapy and physiotherapy for persistent back and neck complaints: results of one year follow up. - Koes, B. W.; Bouter, L. M.; van Mameren, H.; Essers, A. H.; Verstegen, G. M.; Hofhuizen, D. M.; Houben, J. P.; Knipschild, P. G.
OBJECTIVE--To compare the effectiveness of manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, treatment by the gen ...
- 13-mar-2008

5. (�) Risk factors for symptomatic gall bladder disease. - Thijs, C; Knipschild, P; Leffers, P
- 10-mar-2008

6. (�) Changing belief in iridology after an empirical study. - Knipschild, P.
- 13-mar-2008

7. (�) Looking for gall bladder disease in the patient's iris. - Knipschild, P.
In alternative health care iridology is used as a diagnostic aid. The diagnosis of gall bladder dise ...
- 13-mar-2008

8. (�) No effect of bipolar interferential electrotherapy and pulsed ultrasound for soft tissue shoulder disorders: a randomised controlled trial - van der Heijden, G. J M G; Leffers, P.; Wolters, P.; Verheijden, J.; van Mameren, H.; Houben, J.; Bouter, L.; Knipschild, P.
OBJECTIVE—To assess the efficacy of bipolar interferential electrotherapy (ET) and pulsed ultrasound ...
- 13-mar-2008

9. (�) Oral contraceptives and the risk of gallbladder disease: a meta-analysis. - Thijs, C; Knipschild, P
OBJECTIVES. This study was designed to assess the risk of gallbladder disease due to oral contracept ...
- 13-mar-2008

10. (�) Effects of preventive home visits to elderly people. - van Rossum, E; Frederiks, C M; Philipsen, H; Portengen, K; Wiskerke, J; Knipschild, P
OBJECTIVES--To assess the effect of preventive home visits by public health nurses on the state of h ...
- 13-mar-2008

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