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  1. Funds, fees and performance. ECMI Commentary No. 54 2 July 2018 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    Despite recent advances made in eliminating fragmentation and in standardising fees and performance ...
    (application/pdf) 04-jul-2018

  2. We’re in this boat together: Time for a Migration Union. CEPS Policy Insights No 2018/09, June 2018 (�)

    Carrera, Sergio; Lannoo, Karel.
    Despite the political impasse reached among certain EU member state governments in their attempts to ...
    (application/pdf) 23-jun-2018

  3. A Proportional Prudential Regime for Investment Firms. ECMI Commentary, No. 53 / 2 May 2018 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    Possibly facilitated by the perspective of Brexit, the European Commission has proposed, for the fir ...
    (application/pdf) 11-may-2018

  4. Spotify’s US listing highlights Europe’s failings. ECMI Commentary No. 51 / 3 April 2018 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    Europe must wake up to the urgent need to enable pan-European public offerings and to recognise the ...
    (application/pdf) 11-abr-2018

  5. The fight over clearing euro derivatives. ECMI Commentary No. 50 / 15 March 2018 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    In its proposed model to supervise the clearing of euro derivatives following Brexit, the Commission ...
    (application/pdf) 21-mar-2018

  6. Navigating the minefield of the ESA review. ECMI Commentary No. 49 / 27 February 2018 (�)

    Demarigny, Fabrice; Lannoo, Karel
    In its review of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs), the European Commission is proposing a ...
    (application/pdf) 02-mar-2018

  7. MiFID II will profoundly affect the portfolio management business. ECMI Commentary No. 47/24 January 2018 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    The first indications to emerge from the impact of MiFID II, following its implementation on 3 Janua ...
    (application/pdf) 09-feb-2018

  8. Derivatives Clearing and Brexit: A comment on the proposed EMIR revisions. ECMI Policy Brief No. 25 / November 201 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    No less than three substantive pieces of EU legislation have been proposed over the eightmonth perio ...
    (application/pdf) 10-nov-2017

  9. At last, a Pan-European Pension Product! ECMI Commentary No. 45/4 August 2017 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    this ECMI Commentary, Karel Lannoo appeals to legislators to ensure that the PEPP remains an
    (application/pdf) 29-ago-2017

  10. Uneven progress in implementing cross-border bank resolution in the EU. CEPS Policy Insights No 2017-26/ July 2017 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    Implementing the framework for cross-border bank resolution in the EU is a work in progress, but it ...
    (application/pdf) 29-ago-2017

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