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1. (�) CONVERSION OF AlGaAs INTO InGaP EMITTER HBT RF ICs FOR IMPROVED MANUFACTURABILITY - H. -f. Frank Chau; Zhengming Chen; N. -l. Larry Wang; Xiaopeng Sun; Barry Lin
The InGaP emitter HBT technology is rapidly emerging as the dominant HBT technology because of its r ...
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

2. (�) Two types of ventricular fibrillation in isolated rabbit hearts. Circulation 106: 1859–1866 - Tsu-juey Wu; Shien-fong Lin; James N. Weiss; Chih-tai Ting; Peng-sheng Chen; Tsu-juey Wu; Md Shien-fong Lin; Phd James; N. Weiss
The online version of this article, along with updated information and services, is located on the
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

3. (�) - Dawei Li; David A. Collier; Lin He
Meta-analysis shows strong positive association of the neuregulin 1 (NRG1) gene with schizophrenia
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

4. (�) Constructing application-specific heterogeneous embedded architectures from custom hardware/software applications - Steven Vercauteren; Bill Lin; Hugo De Man
personal or class-room use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed f ...
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

5. (�) World Journal of Gastroenterology ISSN 1007-9327 - Jolanta Sumskiene; Linas Sumskas; Dalius Petrauskas; Limas Kupcinskas; Jolanata Sumskiene; Dalius Petrauskas; Limas Kupcinskas
Disease-specifi c health-related quality of life and its determinants in liver cirrhosis patients in ...
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

6. (�) iPARAS: Incremental Construction of Parameter Space for Online Association Mining∗ - Xiao Qin; Ramoza Ahsan; Xika Lin; Elke A. Rundensteiner; Matthew O. Ward; Wei Fan; Albert Bifet; Qiang Yang; Philip Yu
Association rule mining is known to be computationally intensive, yet real-time decision-making appl ...
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

7. (�) Pseudomonas aeruginosa mediated apoptosis requires the ADP-ribosylating activity of exoS. Microbiology 146 ( Pt 10 - Melissa R. Kaufman; Jinghua Jia; Lin Zeng; Unhwan Ha; Marie Chow; Shouguang Jin; Microbiology
requires the ADP-ribosylating activity of ExoS
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

8. (�) Dissecting the Causes of Oxidative Stress in an In Vivo Model of Hypertension - You-lin Tain; Chris Baylis; You-lin Tain; Chris Baylis
Information about reprints can be found online at: Reprints: document. Permissions and Rights Questi ...
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

9. (�) CONTENT ALERTS - J. Virol; Ming-liang Li; Chih-fen Li; Yu-chan Chao; Chi-long Lin; Jin-ching Lee; Shih-shun Chen; H. Alan
This article cites 35 articles, 20 of which can be accessed free
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

10. (�) Reinforcement Learning in Auction Experiments - Shu-heng Chen; Yi-lin Hsieh
In this paper, we study the learning behavior possibly emerging in six series of prediction market e ...
(application/pdf) - 18-dic-2014

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