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1. (�) Spintronics and functional materials - C.H. Marrows; L.C. Chapon; S. Langridge
The understanding of electronic behaviour in systems with reduced dimensionality and length scale is ...
- 29-oct-2015

2. (�) Engineering magnetic domain-wall structure in Permalloy nanowires - Benitez Romero, Maria Jose; Basith, Mohammed; Lamb, R.J.; McGrouther, Damien; McFadzean, Sam; MacLaren, Donald; Hrabec, A.; Marrows, C.H.; McVitie, Stephen
Using a focused-ion-beam microscope, we create nontopographic features that provide controlled modif ...
(text; text) - 25-jul-2015

3. (�) Long-ranged magnetic proximity effects in noble metal-doped cobalt probed with spin-dependent tunnelling - Gabureac, M.S.; MacLaren, D.A.; Courtois, H.; Marrows, C.H.
We inserted non-magnetic layers of Au and Cu into sputtered AlO$_{x}$-based magnetic tunnel junction ...
(text) - 16-abr-2014

4. (�) Effect of substrate temperature on the magnetic properties of epitaxial sputter-grown Co/Pt - Mihai, AP; Whiteside , AL; Canwell, EJ; Marrows, CH; Benitez Romero, Maria Jose; McGrouther, Damien; McVitie, Stephen; Moore, TA
Epitaxial Co/Pt films have been deposited by dc-magnetron sputtering onto heated C-plane sapphire su ...
- 03-sep-2014

5. (�) Exchange bias using a spin glass - Ali, M.; Adie, P.; Marrows, C.H.; Greig, D.; Hickey, B.J.; Stamps, R.L.
Exchange bias is commonly manifested as the hysteresis-loop shift observed when a ferromagnet is in ...
- 21-ago-2013

6. (�) Exchange anisotropy pinning of a standing spin-wave mode - Magaraggia, R.; Kennewell, K.; Kostylev, M.; Stamps, R.L.; Ali, M.; Greig, D.; Hickey, B.J.; Marrows, C.H.
Standing spin waves in a thin film are used as sensitive probes of interface pinning induced by an a ...
- 27-oct-2013

7. (�) Domain dynamics and fluctuations in artificial square ice at finite temperatures - Budrikis, Z.; Livesey, K.L.; Morgan, J.P.; Akerman, J.; Stein, A.; Langridge, S.; Marrows, C.H.; Stamps, R.L.
The thermally driven formation and evolution of vertex domains is studied for square artificial spin ...
- 30-jul-2013

8. (�) Structural and magnetic properties of magnetron sputtered Co[sub 70]Fe[sub 30] films on GaAs(110) - Hindmarch, A.T.; Suszka, A.K.; MacKenzie, M.; Chapman, J.N.; Henini, M.; Taylor, D.; Hickey, B.J.; Marrows, C.H.
The surface morphology, crystal structure, and in-plane magnetic anisotropy of sputter deposited Co7 ...
- 10-ene-2013

9. (�) Spin-transfer torque efficiency measured using a Permalloy nanobridge - Hickey, M.C.; Ngo, D.-T.; Lepatadu, S.; Atkinson, D.; McGrouther, D.; McVitie, S.; Marrows, C.H.
We report magnetoresistance, focused Kerr effect, and Lorentz microscopy experiments performed on a ...
- 26-oct-2013

10. (�) Formation of magnetic structure by domain wall confinement in nanoconstriction - Ngo, D.-T.; Hickey, M.C.; McGrouther, D.; McVitie, S.; Marrows, C.H.; Chapman, J.N.; Awano, H.
We present here a study of exploiting Lorentz transmission electron microscopy to observe the magnet ...
- 26-oct-2013

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