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  1. Thickness dependence of spin wave excitations in an artificial square spin ice-like geometry (�)

    Li, Y.; Gubbiotti, G.; Casoli, F.; Morley, S.A.; Gonçalves, F.J.T.; Rosamond, M.c.; Linfield, E.H.; Marrows, C.H.; McVitie, S.; Stamps, R.L.
    We present a comparative study of the spin wave properties in two magnetic films patterned into an a ...
    (text) 06-abr-2017

  2. Aberration corrected STEM of iron rhodium nanoislands (�)

    McLaren, M.J.; Hage, F.S.; Loving, M.; Ramasse, Q.M.; Lewis, L.H.; Marrows, C.H.; Brydson, R.M.D.
    Iron-rhodium (FeRh) nanoislands of equiatomic composition have been analysed using scanning transmis ...
    (text) 12-nov-2016

  3. Long spin lifetime and large barrier polarisation in single electron transport through a CoFe nanoparticle (�)

    Temple, RC; McLaren, M; Brydson, RMD; Hickey, BJ; Marrows, CH
    We have investigated single electron spin transport in individual single crystal bcc Co₃₀Fe₇₀ nanopa ...
    (text) 12-oct-2016

  4. Hall-effect characterization of the metamagnetic transition in FeRh (�)

    de Vries, MA; Loving, M; Mihai, AP; Lewis, LH; Heiman, D; Marrows, CH
    The antiferromagnetic ground state and the metamagnetic transition to the ferromagnetic state of CsC ...
    (text) 08-jun-2016

  5. Spin-orbit interaction enhancement in permalloy thin films by Pt doping (�)

    Hrabec, A; Goncalves, FJT; Spencer, CS; Arenholz, E; N'Diaye, AT; Stamps, RL; Marrows, CH
    The spin-orbit interaction is an inherent part of magnetism, which links up the independent world of ...
    (text) 08-jun-2016

  6. Temperature and magnetic-field driven dynamics in artificial magnetic square ice (�)

    Morley, S.A.; Stein, A.; Rosamond, M.C.; Venero, D.A.; Hrabec, A.; Shepley, P.M.; Im, M.Y.; Fischer, P.; Allwood, D.A.; Bryan, M.T.; Steadman, P.; Langridge, S.; Marrows, C.H.
    Artificial spin ices are often spoken of as being realisations of some of the celebrated vertex mode ...
    (text) 08-jun-2016

  7. Measuring and tailoring the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in perpendicularly magnetized thin films (�)

    Hrabec, A; Porter, NA; Wells, A; Benitez, MJ; Burnell, G; McVitie, S; McGrouther, D; Moore, TA; Marrows, CH
    We investigate the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions (DMIs) in perpendicularly magnetized thin film ...
    (text) 08-jun-2016

  8. Spin-orbit torque-driven magnetization switching and thermal effects studied in Ta\CoFeB\MgO nanowires (�)

    Lo Conte, R; Hrabec, A; Mihai, AP; Schulz, T; Noh, S-J; Marrows, CH; Moore, TA; Kläui, M
    We demonstrate magnetization switching in out-of-plane magnetized Ta\CoFeB\MgO nanowires by current ...
    (text) 08-jun-2016

  9. Role of B diffusion in the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Ta/Co20 F e60 B20/MgO nanowires (�)

    Lo Conte, R; Martinez, E; Hrabec, A; Lamperti, A; Schulz, T; Nasi, L; Lazzarini, L; Mantovan, R; Maccherozzi, F; Dhesi, SS; Ocker, B; Marrows, CH; Moore, TA; Kläui, M
    We report on current-induced domain wall motion in Ta/Co20Fe60B20/MgO nanowires. Domain walls are ob ...
    (text) 08-jun-2016

  10. Effect of substrate temperature on the magnetic properties of epitaxial sputter-grown Co/Pt (�)

    Mihai, AP; Whiteside, AL; Canwell, EJ; Marrows, CH; Benitez, MJ; McGrouther, D; McVitie, S; McFadzean, S; Moore, TA
    Epitaxial Co/Pt films have been deposited by dc-magnetron sputtering onto heated C-plane sapphire su ...
    (text) 08-jun-2016

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