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1. (�) Quality Weighted Citations Versus Total Citations in the Sciences and Social Sciences - Chang, Chia-Lin; McAleer, Michael
The paper analyses academic journal quality and research impact using quality weighted citations ver ...
(application/pdf) - 04-abr-2014

2. (�) Forecasting Co-Volatilities via Factor Models with Asymmetry and Long Memory in Realized Covariance - Asai, Manabu; McAleer, Michael
Modelling covariance structures is known to suffer from the curse of dimensionality. In order to avo ...
(application/pdf) - 26-mar-2014

3. (�) Ranking Economics and Econometrics ISI Journals by Quality Weighted Citations - Chang, Chia-Lin; McAleer, Michael
The paper analyses academic journal quality and impact using quality weighted citations that are bas ...
(application/pdf) - 04-abr-2014

4. (�) Machine news and volatility: The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the TRNA sentiment series - Allen, David E.; McAleer, Michael; Singh, Abhay K.
This paper features an analysis of the relationship between the volatility of the Dow Jones Industri ...
(application/pdf) - 15-mar-2014

5. (�) A Tourism Conditions Index - Chang, Chia-Lin; Hsu, Hui-Kuang; McAleer, Michael
This paper uses monthly data from April 2005 to August 2013 for Taiwan to propose a novel tourism in ...
(application/pdf) - 11-ene-2014

6. (�) High density genotyping study identifies four new susceptibility loci for atopic dermatitis - Ellinghaus, David; Baurecht, Hansjörg; Esparza-Gordillo, Jorge; Rodríguez, Elke; Matanovic, Anja; Marenholz, Ingo; Hübner, Norbert; Schaarschmidt, Heidi; Novak, Natalija; Michel, Sven; Maintz, Laura; Werfel, Thomas; Meyer-Hoffert, Ulf; Hotze, Melanie; Prokisch, Holger; Heim, Katharina; Herder, Christian; Hirota, Tomomitsu; Tamari, Mayumi; Kubo, Michiaki; Takahashi, Atsushi; Nakamura, Yusuke; Tsoi, Lam C; Stuart, Philip; Elder, James T; Sun, Liangdan; Zuo, Xianbo; Yang, Sen; Zhang, Xuejun; Hoffmann, Per; Nöthen, Markus M; Fölster-Holst, Regina; Winkelmann, Juliane; Illig, Thomas; Boehm, Bernhard O; Duerr, Richard H; Büning, Carsten; Brand, Stephan; Glas, Jürgen; McAleer, Maeve A; Fahy, Caoimhe M; Kabesch, Michael; Brown, Sara J; McLean, WH Irwin; Irvine, Alan D; Schreiber, Stefan; Lee, Young-Ae; Franke, Andre; Weidinger, Stephan
Atopic dermatitis is a common inflammatory skin disease with a strong heritable component. Pathogene ...
- 02-ene-2014

7. (�) Chen et al. / Journal of Risk and Financial Management 5(2012) 78-114 Modelling the Effects of Oil Prices on Global Fertilizer Prices and Volatility - Ping-yu Chen A; Chia-lin Chang B; Chi-chung Chen A; Michael Mcaleer C
The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effect of crude oil price on global fertilizer pri ...
- 19-dic-2013

8. (�) The Maximum Number of Parameters for the Hausman Test When the Estimators are from Different Sets of Equations - Nawata , Kazumitsu; McAleer, Michael
Hausman (1978) developed a widely-used model specification test that has passed the test of time. Th ...
(application/pdf) - 10-ene-2014

9. (�) Modelling International Tourist Arrivals and Volatility: An Application to Taiwan - Chia-lin Chang; Michael McAleer; Dan Slottje
(application/pdf) - 14-dic-2013

10. (�) i Annemarie Lee - Senior Clinician Physiotherapist; Ianthe Astley-bowden; Antonia Bedford; Jenny Bishop; Margaret Bradshaw; Jenny Busch; Brenda Button; Robyn Cobb; Rosie Day; Ruth Dentice; Julie Depiazzi; Michael Doumit; Jane Ethelston; Jenny Follett; Cameron Geddes; Anne Holland; Rachael Mcaleer; Prue Munro; Jenny Murphy; Ranj Patra; Sarah Pike; Angela Potter; Nathan Ward; Kathryn Williamson
This Consensus Statement has been written by physiotherapists who are experienced in the management ...
(application/pdf) - 09-dic-2013

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