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  1. Robot selection by a multiple criteria complex proportional assessment method under an interval-valued fuzzy environment (�)

    Mohammadi , Mehrdad; Vahdani , Behnam; Mousavi , S. Meysam; Tavakkoli-Moghaddam , R.; Ghodratnama , A.; Mohammadi , M.
    International audience

  2. The effect of monsoon on fish larva assemblage changes in Gowatr Bay, North Oman Sea (�)

    Rabbaniha, M.; Mousavi Golsefid, S.A.; Owfi, F.
    per 10 m^2, in which three fish larva family including: Gobiidae, Clupeidae and Engraulidae were
    (application/pdf) 17-may-2018

  3. Hemocytosis, a new disease in cultured shrimp, Fenneropenaeus indicus (�)

    Kakoolaki, S.; Sharifpour, I.; Sharifrohani, M.; Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi, H.A.; Afsharnasab, M.; Dashtiannasab, A.; Nezamabadi, H.
    Certain parasites can cause severe diseases in shrimp. Among these, protozoa are very important. The ...
    (application/pdf) 08-may-2018

  4. Reproductive biology of Cobitis keyvani (Cobitidae) from the Talar River in the southern Caspian Sea basin (�)

    Mousavi-Sabet, H.; Kamali, A.; Soltani, M.; Bani, A.; Esmaeili, H.R.; Khoshbavar Rostami, H.; Vatandoust, S.; Moradkhani, Z.
    Some aspects of the reproductive biology of Cobitis keyvani (Mousavi-Sabet, Yerli, Vatandoust ... +1 in age, respectively. The average egg’s diameter was 0.56 mm. The spawning of Cobitis keyvani from
    (application/pdf) 18-abr-2018

  5. Viscoelastic impact between a cylindrical striker and a long cylindrical bar (�)

    Bussac , M.-N. M.-N.; Collet , P.; Gary , G.; Lundberg , B.; Mousavi , S.
    International audience

  6. The effect of different salinities on mortality and histopathological changes of SPF imported Litopenaeus vannamei, experimentally exposed to White Spot Virus and a new differential hemocyte staining method (�)

    Kakoolaki, S.; Soltani, M.; Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi, H.A.; Sharifpour, I.; Mirzargar, S.; Afsharnasab, M.; Motalebi, A.A.
    Shrimp farmers have been suffering from loss of production due to White Spot Disease (WSD) in the la ...
    (application/pdf) 10-abr-2018

  7. Selected morpho-chemical features of hemocytes in farmed shrimp, Fenneropenaeus indicus in Iran (�)

    Kakoolaki, S.; Sharifpour, I.; Soltani, M.; Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi, H.A.; Mirzargar, S.; Rostami, M.
    The aim of the present study was to determine various types of hemocytes, total and differential hem ...
    (application/pdf) 31-mar-2018

  8. Fungal contamination in rainbow trout eggs in Kermanshah province propagations with emphasis on Saprolegniaceae (�)

    Shahbazian, N.; Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi, H.A.; Soltani, M.; Khosravi, A.R.; Mirzargar, S.; Sharifpour, I.
    frequency after S. parasitica and Fusarium, Aspergillus and Pescillomyces with 2.45% had the lowest frequency. In this study S. ferax, S. hypogyna and S. diclina are reported from Iran for the first
    (application/pdf) 29-mar-2018

  9. Expression of antigenic determinants of the haemagglutinin large subunit of novel influenza virus in insect cells. (�)

    Yousefi, A.; Fotouhi, F.; Hosseinzadeh, S.; Kheiri, M. T.; Farahmand, B.; Montazeri, S.; Mousavi, F.
    International audience

  10. Caspian Sea level changes during the last millennium: historical and geological evidences from the south Caspian Sea (�)

    Naderi Beni , A.; Lahijani , H.; Mousavi Harami , R.; Arpe , K.; Leroy , S. A. G.; Marriner , Nick; Berberian , M.; Andrieu-Ponel , Valérie; Djamali , M.; Mahboubi , A.; Reimer , P. J.
    International audience

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