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  1. Electrospinning of biodegradable polylactide/hydroxyapatite nanofibers: Study on the morphology, crystallinity structure and thermal stability (�)

    Sonseca Olalla, Agueda; Peponi, Laura; Sahuquillo, Oscar; Kenny, J.M.; Giménez Torres, Enrique
    [EN] Aligned mats of poly(lactic acid) (PLA) nanofibers containing nanosized hydroxyapatite filler h ...

  2. Design of biodegradable blends based on PLA and PCL: From morphological, thermal and mechanical studies to shape memory behavior (�)

    Navarro-Baena, Ivan; Sessini, Valentina; Dominici, F.; Torre, L.; Kenny, Jose M.; Peponi, Laura
    Blending commercial homopolymers represents a low cost and an easy scalable process to extend the us ...

  3. Influence of Poly(ε-caprolactone) Molecular Weight and Coumarin Amount on Photo-Responsive Polyurethane Properties (�)

    Salgado, Cástor; Arrieta, Marina P.; Peponi, Laura; Fernández-García, Marta; López, Daniel
    Photo-reversible polyurethane (PU) coatings based on coumarin diol (CD) are obtained. Initially, pre ...

  4. Biodegradable electrospun bionanocomposite fibers based on plasticized PLA-PHB blends reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals (�)

    Arrieta, M. P.; López, J.; López, Daniel; Kenny, José María; Peponi, Laura
    Electrospun biobased and biodegradable nanocomposites for sustainable flexible films were developed. ...

  5. Analysis and simulation of the electrical properties of CNTs/epoxy nanocomposites for high performance composite matrices (�)

    Terenzi, A.; Natali, M.; Petrucci, R.; Rallini, M.; Peponi, Laura; Beaumont, M.; Eletskii, A.; Knizhnik, A.; Potapkin, B.; Kenny, J. M.
    Carbon fiber composite laminates have good electrical properties due to the performance of the fiber ...

  6. Polyurethane based on PLA and PCL incorporated with catechin: Structural, thermal and mechanical characterization (�)

    Arrieta, M. P.; Peponi, Laura
    Catechin (Cat) was added into polyurethane (PU) based on a tri-block copolymer of poly(L-lactic acid ...

  7. Biodegradable nanocomposites based on poly(ester-urethane) and nanosized hydroxyapatite: Plastificant and reinforcement effects (�)

    NAVARRO-BAENA, IVÁN; Arrieta, Marina Patricia; Sonseca Olalla, Agueda; Torre, Luigi; López, Daniel; Giménez Torres, Enrique; KENNY, JOSE Mª; PEPONI, LAURA
    The processing and characterization of biodegradable nanocomposites based on poly(ester-urethane) re ...

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