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  1. Microtensile bond strength of resin-post interfaces created with interpenetrating polymer network posts or cross-linked posts (�)

    Mannocchi, Francesco; Machmouridou, Eleni; Watson, Timothy F.; Sauro, Salvatore; Sherriff, Martyn; Pilecki, Peter; Pitt Ford, T.R.
    Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the microtensile strength of composite bonded t ...

  2. Sexual and reproductive health services utilization by female sex workers is context-specific: results from a cross-sectional survey in India, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa (�)

    Lafort, Yves; Greener, Ross; Roy, Anuradha; Greener, Letitia; Ombidi, Wilkister; Lessitala, Faustino; Skordis-Worrall, Jolene; Beksinska, Mags; Gichangi, Peter; Reza-Paul, Sushena; Smit, Jenni A.; Chersich, Matthew; Delva, Wim
    Background: Female sex workers (FSWs) are extremely vulnerable to adverse sexual and reproductive he ...
    (10; application/pdf) 24-may-2017

  3. Atomic Carbon in M82 (�)

    Schilke, Peter; Carlstrom, John E.; Keene, Jocelyn; Phillips, T. G.
    We report observations of C I(^3P_1 - ^3P_0) emission at 492 GHz toward the starburst galaxy M82. Bo ...
    (application/pdf) 24-may-2017

  4. Guillaume Apollinaire et le cinéma (�)

    Aurouet, Carole; Campa, Laurence; Debon, Claude; Claire, Bernardin; Emilie, Bouvard; Sylphide, de; Cécile, Debray; Laurence, Des Cars; Girardot, Cécile; Donatien, Grau; Etienne-Alain, Hubert; Jean-Jacques, Lebel; Murphy, Maureen; Didier, Ottinger; Emilia, Philippot; Read, Peter
    International audience

  5. Conjecturing The Mathematical Axiom That Provides a Unified Theory of Resonance and Decay and Connects It to Causal Time Evolution (�)

    Bohm, Arno; Bryant, Peter
    Combining the ideas of causality and the phenomenology of resonances and decaying states, we modify ...
    (application/pdf) 24-may-2017

  6. Tilted pillar array fabrication by the combination of proton beam writing and soft lithography for microfluidic cell capture: Part 1 Design and feasibility (�)

    Rajta István; Huszánk Róbert; Szabó Atilla T. T.; Nagy Gyula (1986-) (környezetkutató fizikus); Szilasi Szabolcs; Fürjes Péter; Holczer Eszter; Fekete Zoltán; Járvás Gábor; Szigeti Márton; Hajba László; Bodnár Judit; Guttman András (1954-) (vegyészmérnök)

  7. PREDICT (Predicting Acute-on- Chronic Liver Failure in Cirrhosis) multicentrikus európai prospektív obszervációs tanulmány: EASL-CLIF Consortium, 2017-2018 (�)

    Papp Mária (1975-) (belgyógyász, gasztroenterológus); Tornai Tamás; Vitális Zsuzsanna (1963-) (belgyógyász, gasztroenterológus); Tornai István (1954-) (belgyógyász, gasztroenterológus); Sipeki Nóra; Balogh Boglárka; Antal-Szalmás Péter (1968-) (laboratóriumi szakorvos, laboratóriumi hematológus és immunológus, klinikai farmakológus szakorvos); Trebica, Jonel

  8. México, ciudad de papel: de Gonzalo Celorio (�)

    Krieger, Peter

  9. Pseudomonas aeruginosa Aggregate Formation in an Alginate Bead Model System Exhibits In Vivo-Like Characteristics (�)

    Sønderholm, Majken; Kragh, Kasper Nørskov; Koren, Klaus; Jakobsen, Tim Holm; Darch, Sophie E.; Alhede, Maria; Jensen, Peter Østrup; Whiteley, Marvin; Bjarnsholt, Thomas; Kühl, Michael
    Alginate beads represent a simple and highly reproducible in vitro model system for diffusion-limite ...

  10. Response to letter to the Editor ‘Altered breathing pattern valuation relative to dyspnea assessment and treatment for low back pain: Effects of clinical practice (�)

    Janssens, Lotte; Vermeersch, Astrid; Goossens, Nina; Thys, Tinne; Beeckmans, Nele; Lysens, Roeland; Van Wambeke, Peter; Brumagne, Simon
    (application/pdf) 23-may-2017

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