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1. (�) Controlled field generation for quad-remeshing - Oliver Schall; Rhaleb Zayer; Hans-Peter Seidel
Quadrangular remeshing of triangulated surfaces has received an increasing attention in recent years ...
(application/pdf) - 21-abr-2015

2. (�) Discriminative frequent subgraph mining with optimality guarantees - Marisa Thoma; Hong Cheng; Arthur Gretton; Jiawei Han; Hans-peter Kriegel; Alex Smola; Le Song; Philip S. Yu; Xifeng Yan; Karsten M. Borgwardt
The goal of frequent subgraph mining is to detect subgraphs that frequently occur in a dataset of gr ...
(application/pdf) - 21-abr-2015

3. (�) Combining near-optimal feature selection with gSpan - Karsten Borgwardt; Xifeng Yan; Marisa Thoma; Hong Cheng; Arthur Gretton; Le Song; Alex Smola; Jiawei Han; Philip Yu; Hans-peter Kriegel
Graph classification is an increasingly important step in numerous application domains, such as func ...
(application/pdf) - 21-abr-2015

4. (�) "Almost stable" matchings in the roommates problem - David J. Abraham; Péter Biró; David F. Manlove
An instance of the classical Stable Roommates problem (sr) need not admit a stable matching. This mo ...
(application/pdf) - 21-abr-2015

5. (�) Towards a green molecular chemistry - Campagne, Jean-Marc; Agbossou, Francine; Ayad, Tahar; Baudoin, Olivier; Buono, Gérard; Chataigner, Isabelle; Crévisy, Christophe; Dez, Isabelle; Donnard, Morgan; Fache, Fabienne; Feasson, Christian; Gaumont, Annie-Claude; Giordano, Laurent; Hesemann, Peter; Marsais, Francis; Mauduit, Marc; Michelet, Véronique; Mortreux, André; Phansavath, Phannarath; Piva, Olivier; Roblin, Jean-Philippe; Rouden, Jacques; Taillefer, Marc; Toullec, Patrick,; Tschamber, Théophile; Vidal, Virginie
National audience
- 21-abr-2015

6. (�) Development of a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Barcode to Genotype Plasmodium vivax Infections. - Baniecki, Mary Lynn; Faust, Aubrey L; Schaffner, Stephen F; Park, Daniel J; Galinsky, Kevin; Daniels, Rachel F; Hamilton, Elizabeth; Ferreira, Marcelo U; Karunaweera, Nadira D; Serre, David; Zimmerman, Peter A; Sá, Juliana M; Wellems, Thomas E; Musset, Lise; Legrand, Eric; Melnikov, Alexandre; Neafsey, Daniel E; Volkman, Sarah K; Wirth, Dyann F; Sabeti, Pardis C
International audience
- 21-abr-2015

7. (�) Confirmed Bacillus anthracis infection among persons who inject drugs, Scotland, 2009-2010 - Booth, Malcolm; Donaldson, Lindsay; Cui, Xizhong; Sun, Junfeng; Cole, Stephen; Dailsey, Susan; Hart, Andrew; Johns, Neil; McConnell, Paul; McLennan, Tina; Parcell, Benjamin; Robb, Henry; Shippey, Benjamin; Sim, Malcolm; Wallis, Charles; Eichacker, Peter Q
In Scotland, the 2009 outbreak of Bacillus anthracis infection among persons who inject drugs result ...
- 21-abr-2015

8. (�) Size and symmetry of the superconducting gap in the f.c.c. Cs3C60 polymorph close to the metal-Mott insulator boundary - Potocnik, Anton; Krajnc, Andraz; Jeglic, Peter; Takabayashi, Yasuhiro; Ganin, Alexey; Prassides, Kosmas; Rosseninsky, Matthew J.; Arcon, Denis
The alkali fullerides, A3C60 (A = alkali metal) are molecular superconductors that undergo a transit ...
(text) - 21-abr-2015

9. (�) In vitro models of tumor vessels and matrix: Engineering approaches to investigate transport limitations and drug delivery in cancer - Seo, Bo Ri; DelNero, Peter; Fischbach, Claudia
- 21-abr-2015

10. (�) Prolonged Administration of Azacitidine With or Without Entinostat for Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Acute Myeloid Leukemia With Myelodysplasia-Related Changes: Results of the US Leukemia Intergroup Trial E1905 - Prebet, Thomas; Sun, Zhuoxin; Figueroa, Maria E.; Ketterling, Rhett; Melnick, Ari; Greenberg, Peter L.; Herman, James; Juckett, Mark; Smith, Mitchell R.; Malick, Lisa; Paietta, Elisabeth; Czader, Magdalena; Litzow, Mark; Gabrilove, Janice; Erba, Harry P.; Gore, Steven D.; Tallman, Martin S.
- 21-abr-2015

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