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  1. Computer Model Challenges Breast Cancer Treatment Strategy (�)

    Retsky, Michael W.; Swartzendruber, Douglas E.; Bame, Paul D.; Wardwell, Robert H.
    primary reasons for treatment failure. To better understand treatment failure, we have studied

  2. Is there a rationale for an anesthesiologist's role against cancer recurrence? (�)

    Forget, P; Coulie, P. G.; Retsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, R.; Machiels, J. P.; De Kock, M.
    anesthesiologists in reducing cancer recurrence following surgery. We argue for peri-operative pharmacological

  3. Dormancy and surgery-driven escape from dormancy help explain some clinical features of breast cancer (�)

    Retsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, R.; Hrushesky, W. J. M.; Baum, M.; Gukas, I. D.
    To explain bimodal relapse patterns observed in breast cancer data, we have proposed that ... respectively. We also suggested that surgery to remove the primary tumor often terminates dormancy resulting

  4. Tumor dormancy and surgery-driven interruption of dormancy in breast cancer: learning from failures (�)

    Demicheli, Romano; Retsky, Michael W.; Hrushesky, William JM; Baum, Michael
    Primary tumor removal, usually considered intrinsically beneficial, can perturb metastatic homeostas ...

  5. Perioperative Inflammation as Triggering Origin of Metastasis Development (�)

    Retsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano
    a number of medical specialties and now proposing a clinical trial in Nigeria. We have been studying ... with mastectomy, we proposed that relapses within 3 years of surgery are stimulated somehow by the

  6. Protocol For A Randomised, Multicentre, Double Blinded Phase III Study Of Perioperative Ketorolac In Women Of African Descent With Operable Breast Cancer. (�)

    Demicheli, Romano; Osaro, Erhabor; Retsky, Michael W.; Patrice, Forget; Jayant, Vaidya; SO., Bello
    controlled double blinded clinical trial of perioperative NSAID Romano Demicheli 1, Erhabor Osaro 2, Michael Retsky 3 Forget Patrice 4.Vaidya Jayant S 5. Scientific Directorate Fondazione IRCCS Istituto

  7. Colonoscopy to Prevent Colon Cancer: It Works but There Seems to be a Quality Issue (�)

    Retsky, Michael W.

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