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  1. Mitigation of severe urban haze pollution by a precision air pollution control approach (�)

    Yu, Shaocai; Liu, Pengfei; Wang, Liqiang; Wu, Yujie; Wang, Si; Liu, Kai; Zhu, Tong; Zhang, Yuanhang; Hu, Min; Zeng, Liming; Zhang, Xiaoye; Cao, Junji; Alapaty, Kiran; Wong, David C.; Pleim, Jon; Mathur, Rohit; Rosenfeld, Daniel; Seinfeld, John H.
    has the potential to significantly mitigate severe urban haze by decreasing PM_(2.5) peak ...% less emission controls as compared to complete emission reductions. The PAPCA strategy has the
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) 26-may-2018

  2. Rapid Aqueous-Phase Hydrolysis of Ester Hydroperoxides Arising from Criegee Intermediates and Organic Acids (�)

    Zhao, Ran; Kenseth, Christopher M.; Huang, Yuanlong; Dalleska, Nathan F.; Kuang, Xiaobi M.; Chen, Jierou; Paulson, Suzanne E.; Seinfeld, John H.
    organic aerosol (SOA). The chemistry of αAAHPs has not been investigated due to a lack of commercially
    (application/pdf) 22-may-2018

  3. Characteristic Vertical Profiles of Cloud Water Composition in Marine Stratocumulus Clouds and Relationships With Precipitation (�)

    MacDonald, Alexander B.; Dadashazar, Hossein; Chuang, Patrick Y.; Crosbie, Ewan; Wang, Hailong; Wang, Zhen; Jonsson, Haflidi H.; Flagan, Richard C.; Seinfeld, John H.; Sorooshian, Armin
    This study uses airborne cloud water composition measurements to characterize the vertical structure ...
    (application/msword) 19-may-2018

  4. Atmospheric oxidation of selected terpenes and related carbonyls: gas-phase carbonyl products (�)

    Grosjean, Daniel; Williams, Edwin L., II; Seinfeld, John H.
    The gas-phase carbonyl products of α-pinene, β-pinene, and d-limonene have been identified and their ...

  5. Atmospheric oxidation of biogenic hydrocarbons: reaction of ozone with β-pinene, D-limonene and trans-caryophyllene (�)

    Grosjean, Daniel; Williams, Edwin L., II; Grosjean, Eric; Andino, Jean M.; Seinfeld, John H.
    Several gas-phase carbonyl products of two terpenes, β-pinene and D-limonene, and of the sesquiterpe ...

  6. Atmospheric Photochemical Oxidation of 1-Octene: OH, O_3, and O(^3P) Reactions (�)

    Paulson, Suzanne E.; Seinfeld, John H.
    The photooxidation chemistry of 1-octene is examined in detail. Formation of OH from the O_3 reactio ...

  7. Atmospheric Chemistry of 1-Octene, 1-Decene, and Cyclohexene: Gas-Phase Carbonyl and Peroxyacyl Nitrate Products (�)

    Grosjean, Eric; Grosjean, Daniel; Seinfeld, John H.
    Atmospheric reactions of 1-octene, 1-decene, and cyclohexene have been studied in laboratory experim ...

  8. Gas/Particle Partitioning of Semivolatile Organic Compounds To Model Inorganic, Organic, and Ambient Smog Aerosols (�)

    Liang, Cikui; Pankow, James F.; Odum, Jay R.; Seinfeld, John H.
    Gas/particle (G/P) partitioning is an important process that affects the deposition, chemical reacti ...

  9. Environmental Reaction Engineering (�)

    Seinfeld, John H.
    Chemical reaction engineering problems associated with environmental systems are numerous. Design of ...

  10. Residential emissions predicted as a major source of fine particulate matter in winter over the Yangtze River Delta, China (�)

    Wu, Yujie; Wang, Peng; Yu, Shaocai; Wang, Liqiang; Liu, Pengfei; Li, Zhen; Mehmood, Khalid; Liu, Weiping; Wu, Jian; Lichtfouse, Eric; Rosenfeld, Daniel; Seinfeld, John H.
    government has formulated Five-Year Plans to set the road map for air pollution control by phased

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