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    Virender Rehan; See Profile; Ying Wang; Laszlo G Boros; John S Torday
    In utero nicotine exposure alters fetal rat lung alveolar type II cell proliferation, differentiatio ...
    (application/pdf) 11-oct-2016

  2. Phenotype as Agent for Epigenetic Inheritance (�)

    Torday, John S.; Miller, William B.
    The conventional understanding of phenotype is as a derivative of descent with modification through ...

  3. Curcumin augments lung maturation, preventing neonatal lung injury by inhibiting TGF- signaling (�)

    Reiko Sakurai; Yishi Li; John S. Torday; Virender K. Rehan
    maturation, preventing neonatal lung injury by inhibiting TGF- signaling.
    (application/pdf) 04-sep-2016

  4. Communication Pleiotropy as the Mechanism for Evolving Novelty: Same Signal, Different Result (�)

    John S. Torday
    (application/pdf) 26-ago-2016

  5. networks (�)

    John S. Torday
    Deconvoluting lung evolution: from phenotypes to gene regulatory
    (application/pdf) 24-ago-2016

  6. Reviewed by: (�)

    Antonio F. Corno; John S. Torday; Los Angeles; Andrew S. Day
    (I’m still learning) “Creativity is just connecting things” Leonardo da Vinci Steve Jobs Progress in ...
    (application/pdf) 22-ago-2016

  7. Hypothesis Homeostasis as the Mechanism of Evolution (�)

    John S. Torday
    (application/pdf) 22-ago-2016

  8. Homeostasis, and Repair of the Lung (�)

    Virender K. Rehan; John S. Torday
    License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the ...
    (application/pdf) 21-ago-2016

  9. What We Talk About When We Talk About Evolution (�)

    John S. Torday
    Currently, the biologic sciences are a Tower of Babel, having become so highly specialized that one ... hormone-related protein; endothermy; pituitary adrenal axis “A hen is only an egg’s way of making another
    (application/pdf) 19-ago-2016

  10. Life Is Simple—Biologic Complexity Is an Epiphenomenon (�)

    John S. Torday
    Life originated from unicellular organisms by circumventing the Second Law of Thermodynamics using t ...

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