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  1. Crucial role of TRPC1 and TRPC4 in cystitis-induced neuronal sprouting and bladder overactivity. (�)

    Mathieu Boudes; Pieter Uvin; Silvia Pinto; Marc Freichel; Lutz Birnbaumer; Thomas Voets; Dirk De Ridder; Rudi Vennekens
    PURPOSE: During cystitis, increased innervation of the bladder by sensory nerves may contribute to b ...

  2. Structure of the SthK carboxy-terminal region reveals a gating mechanism for cyclic nucleotide-modulated ion channels. (�)

    Divya Kesters; Marijke Brams; Mieke Nys; Eveline Wijckmans; Radovan Spurny; Thomas Voets; Jan Tytgat; Jana Kusch; Chris Ulens
    Cyclic nucleotide-sensitive ion channels are molecular pores that open in response to cAMP or cGMP, ...

  3. VAMP7 regulates constitutive membrane incorporation of the cold-activated channel TRPM8. (�)

    Ghosh, Debapriya; Pinto, Silvia; Danglot, Lydia; Vandewauw, Ine; Segal, Andrei; Van Ranst, Nele; Benoit, Melissa; Janssens, Annelies; Vennekens, Rudi; Vanden Berghe, Pieter; Galli, Thierry; Vriens, Joris; Voets, Thomas
    International audience

  4. Systematic and quantitative mRNA expression analysis of TRP channel genes at the single trigeminal and dorsal root ganglion level in mouse (�)

    Vandewauw Ine; Owsianik Grzegorz; Voets Thomas



    Somatosensory nerve fibres arising from cell bodies within the ...

  5. Restoration of Progranulin Expression Rescues Cortical Neuron Generation in an Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model of Frontotemporal Dementia (�)

    Susanna Raitano; Laura Ordovàs; Louis De Muynck; Wenting Guo; Ira Espuny-Camacho; Martine Geraerts; Satish Khurana; Kim Vanuytsel; Balazs I. Tóth; Thomas Voets; Rik Vandenberghe; Toni Cathomen; Ludo Van Den Bosch; Pierre Vanderhaeghen; Philip Van Damme; Catherine M. Verfaillie
    To understand how haploinsufficiency of progranulin (PGRN) causes frontotemporal dementia (FTD), we ...

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