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1. (�) Ryanodine receptor phosphorylation by oxidized CaMKII contributes to the cardiotoxic effects of cardiac glycosides - Ho, Hsiang-Ting; Liu, Bin; Snyder, Jedidiah S.; Lou, Qing; Brundage, Elizabeth A.; Velez-Cortes, Florencia; Wang, Honglan; Ziolo, Mark T.; Anderson, Mark E.; Sen, Chandan K.; Wehrens, Xander H.T.; Fedorov, Vadim V.; Biesiadecki, Brandon J.; Hund, Thomas J.; Györke, Sándor
- 02-ene-2015

2. (�) Pitx2-microRNA pathway that delimits sinoatrial node development and inhibits predisposition to atrial fibrillation - Wang, Jun; Bai, Yan; Li, Na; Ye, Wenduo; Zhang, Min; Greene, Stephanie B.; Tao, Ye; Chen, Yiping; Wehrens, Xander H. T.; Martin, James F.
. It is critical to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying AF, given that the prevalence of AF is expected to dramatically increase as the human population ages. We identified a microRNA (miR
- 25-dic-2014

3. (�) Calcium dysregulation in atrial fibrillation: the role of CaMKII - Heijman, Jordi; Voigt, Niels; Wehrens, Xander H. T.; Dobrev, Dobromir
make it more difficult to treat. Recent research has suggested an important role for Ca2+-dysregulation ... arrhythmogenic mechanisms contributing to the initiation and maintenance of AF. In addition, AF is self
- 14-mar-2014

4. (�) Genetic inhibition of PKA phosphorylation of RyR2 prevents dystrophic cardiomyopathy - Sarma, Satyam; Li, Na; van Oort, Ralph J.; Reynolds, Corey; Skapura, Darlene G.; Wehrens, Xander H. T.
Aberrant intracellular Ca2+ regulation is believed to contribute to the development of ... phosphorylation of RyR2 at S2808 contributes to abnormal Ca2+ homeostasis associated with dystrophic
- 30-jul-2011

5. (�) Pitx2 prevents susceptibility to atrial arrhythmias by inhibiting left-sided pacemaker specification - Wang, Jun; Klysik, Elzbieta; Sood, Subeena; Johnson, Randy L.; Wehrens, Xander H. T.; Martin, James F.
association studies implicated a region of human chromosome 4q25 in familial AF and AFL, ≈150 kb distal to the Pitx2 homeobox gene, a developmental left–right asymmetry (LRA) gene. To investigate the
- 30-jul-2011

6. (�) Stress synchronizes calcium release and promotes SR calcium leak - Wang, Wei; Wehrens, Xander H T
- 30-jul-2011

7. (�) Animal models of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy - McCauley, Mark D.; Wehrens, Xander H. T.
Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathies are a heterogeneous group of pathological conditions that give rise to myocardial dysfunction with an increased risk for atrial or ventricular arrhythmias. Inherited
- 28-jul-2011

8. (�) Exercise training during diabetes attenuates cardiac ryanodine receptor dysregulation - Shao, Chun-Hong; Wehrens, Xander H. T.; Wyatt, Todd A.; Parbhu, Sheeva; Rozanski, George J.; Patel, Kaushik P.; Bidasee, Keshore R.
The present study was undertaken to assess the effects of exercise training (ExT) initiated after ... response to Ca2+ was altered. RyR2 also exhibited 1.8- and 1.5-fold increases in phosphorylation at
- 28-jul-2011

9. (�) Molecular evolution of the junctophilin gene family - Garbino, Alejandro; van Oort, Ralph J.; Dixit, Sayali S.; Landstrom, Andrew P.; Ackerman, Michael J.; Wehrens, Xander H. T.
channels and intracellular calcium release channels. To determine the molecular evolution of the JPH
- 28-jul-2011

10. (�) Calmodulin kinase II is required for fight or flight sinoatrial node physiology - Wu, Yuejin; Gao, Zhan; Chen, Biyi; Koval, Olha M.; Singh, Madhu V.; Guan, Xiaoqun; Hund, Thomas J.; Kutschke, William; Sarma, Satyam; Grumbach, Isabella M.; Wehrens, Xander H. T.; Mohler, Peter J.; Song, Long-Sheng; Anderson, Mark E.
membrane diastolic depolarization rate (DDR), leading to faster SAN action potential generation. Surprisingly, HCN4 knockout mice were recently shown to retain physiological HR increases with
- 08-oct-2009

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