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  1. User generated brands and their contribution to the diffusion of user innovations (�)

    Füller, Johann; Schroll, Roland; von Hippel, Eric A
    It has been argued that users can create innovations and also diffuse them peer-to-peer independent ...

  2. Norms-Based Intellectual Property Systems: The Case of French Chefs (�)

    Fauchart, Emmanuelle; von Hippel, Eric; von Hippel, Eric A
    In this paper we propose that norms-based intellectual property (IP) systems exist today and are an ...

  3. Innovation Process Benefits: The Journey as Reward (�)

    Raasch, Christina; Hippel, Eric von
    When business executives and economists think about whether developing an innovation will be worthwh ...

  4. Open Source Software and the “Private-Collective” Innovation Model: Issues for Organization Science (�)

    Krogh, Georg von; von Hippel, Eric A
    Currently, two models of innovation are prevalent in organization science. The “private investment” ...

  5. CROSSROADS--Identifying Viable “Need-Solution Pairs”: Problem Solving Without Problem Formulation (�)

    von Krogh, Georg; von Hippel, Eric A.
    Problem-solving research and formal problem-solving practice begin with the assumption that a proble ...

  6. Free Innovation (�)

    von Hippel, Eric A.
    Overview In this book, Eric von Hippel, author of the influential Democratizing Innovation ... efforts. The best solution, von Hippel and his colleagues argue, is a division of labor between free

  7. Market failure in the diffusion of consumer-developed innovations: Patterns in Finland (�)

    de Jong, Jeroen P.J.; von Hippel, Eric A.; Gault, Fred; Kuusisto, Jari; Raasch, Christina
    Empirical studies have shown that millions of individual users develop new products and services to ...

  8. The User Innovation Paradigm: Impacts on Markets and Welfare (�)

    Gambardella, Alfonso; Raasch, Christina; von Hippel, Eric A.
    Innovation has traditionally been seen as the province of producers. However, theoretical and empiri ...

  9. Innovation by patients with rare diseases and chronic needs (�)

    Oliveira, Pedro; Zejnilovic, Leid; Canhao, Helena; von Hippel, Eric A.
    We provide the first empirical exploration of disease-related innovation by patients and their careg ...

  10. Reducing medical costs and improving quality via self-management tools. (�)

    Harold J DeMonaco; Eric von Hippel

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