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1. (�) Cooperation between rivals: informal know-how trading - Eric Von Hippel
“Informal ” know-how trading is the extensive exchange of proprietary know-how by informal networks ...
(application/pdf) - 01-dic-2014

2. (�) Democratizing Innovation - Eric von Hippel
(application/pdf) - 25-feb-2014

3. (�) Identifying viable "need-solution pairs": Problem solving without problem formulation - von Hippel, Eric A.; von Krogh, Georg
Problem-solving research, and formal problem-solving practice as well, begins with the assumption th ...
- 29-nov-2013

4. (�) Open Innovation and the Private-Collective Model for Innovation Incentives - von Hippel, Eric A.; von Krogh, Georg Fredrik
A central tenant of open innovation is free revealing of the detailed workings of novel products and ...
- 25-may-2013

5. (�) People Don't Need a Profit Motive to Innovate - von Hippel, Eric A.
The finding: Innovations developed by individuals who give them away increasingly compete with paten ...
- 25-may-2013

6. (�) The Age of the Consumer-Innovator - von Hippel, Eric A.; Ogawa, Susumu; P. J. de Jong, Jeroen
Recent research shows that consumers collectively generate massive amounts of product innovation. Th ...
- 12-abr-2014

7. (�) Comparing Business and Household Sector Innovation in Consumer Products: Findings from a Representative Study in the United Kingdom - von Hippel, Eric A.; Jong de, Jeroen P. J.; Flowers, Stephen
In a first survey of its type, we measure development and modification of consumer products by produ ...
- 25-may-2013

8. (�) Modeling a Paradigm Shift: From Producer Innovation to User and Open Collaborative Innovation - Baldwin, Carliss; von Hippel, Eric A.
In this paper, we assess the economic viability of innovation by producers relative to two increasin ...
- 25-may-2013

9. (�) How user innovations become commercial products: A theoretical investigation and case - von Hippel, Eric A.
- 22-abr-2012

10. (�) Horizontal innovation networks-by and for users - von Hippel, Eric A.
- 22-abr-2012

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