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Tokachidake Volcano is an active volcano, situated at the SW end of the Daisetsu-Tokachi volcanic chain in the central Hokkaido, Japan. We performed the AMT resistivity survey around the 62 -II crater at the volcano in order to realize the hydrothermal zone, focusing on the recent activity of the crustal inflation and demagnetization beneath the crater. The measured AMT data suggested the three-dimensional structure beneath the study area. Prior to the resistivity modeling, we estimated an effect due to a steep topography in the study area. This estimation clearly showed a strong effect to the apparent resistivity, impedance phase and induction vector. Therefore, the simplified topography was included to the three-dimensional model. The resistivity model supposed by a forward modeling was characterized by a conductor (0.5Ωm) beneath the 62-II crater. We investigated a physical condition which could bring the resistivity of 0.5Ωm, and then estimated that high porosity (0.3)rocks were saturated with hot(~200℃)pore water including dissolved components. Although the origin of hydrothermal water has been unresolved, this result suggests that a hydrothermal zone is developed beneath the 62-II crater.

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山谷, 祐介 -  橋本, 武志 -  茂木, 透 -  村上, 亮 -  岡崎, 紀俊 -  吉本, 充宏 -  伏谷, 祐二 -  橋本, 政樹 -  山本, 輝明 -  西村, 三治 -  有田, 真 -  的場, 敦史 -  土屋, 遼平 - 

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* 10.14943/gbhu.73.281
* 北海道大学地球物理学研究報告 = Geophysical bulletin of Hokkaido University, 73: 281-294

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