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Alternative Energy: Solar Energy

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Pertenece a: Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)  

Descripción: This lesson provides an introduction to the use of the sun's energy. Topics include the history of solar energy usage and its more recent adaptations. There is also discussion of how the sun produces and radiates energy, what happens when it reaches Earth, types of solar systems, and the most common use of solar energy (heating). The lesson includes an activity in which students investigate the effects of color and collection area on the amount of solar energy absorbed by a system. They will use aluminum pie pans of different sizes and colors and compare the relative effect by their ability to heat water placed in them. Educational levels: Undergraduate lower division, High school

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: The materials found on this website were created and compiled by the Environmental Science Activity for the 21st Century (ESA21) project's authors for use by educational institutions and the general public. Copyrighted materials from sources other than the ESA21 authors are used with permission from the original creator. A good faith effort has been made to comply with U.S. copyright law. While the ESA21 authors and Kennesaw State University retain copyright to their materials, permission is given to use them freely in electronic and/or print form at educational institutions for non-profit purposes, as long as source and author are indicated. Use of these materials or edited versions of these materials for profit without the written approval of the project authors and Kennesaw state University is strictly prohibited.

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