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This dissertation of my masters degree in landscape architecture tries to be a bonding between the concept of sustainable development and the city with focus on the Water theme. As prove of concept, the study of this neighborhood in Lisbon named Alvalade begins with the definition of sustainable development and its applicability to an urban environment, followed by an analysis of the Water resources and focusing on its ecological, cultural and project specific aspects to which is added a synthesis of the planning mechanisms and urban philosophies inherent to this specific neighborhood. Therefore, it was created an interpretative analysis of the target area resorting to a holistic and systemic methodology that allowed the development of project strategies which not only follow the definition of sustainability, they also preserve the rational sustainable management of the Water resources and propose a better public space design both esthetical and functional in urban environment. These project conclusions are a result of an approach made at a neighborhood scale to meet Alvalade’s urban specifications in order to try to minimize its weaknesses, magnify its potential, to answer to the proposed concepts and for future reference to other urban areas that meet the same requirements.

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Saraiva, André Filipe Pereira - 

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Fecha de contribución: 03-abr-2012


* Saraiva, André Filipe Pereira - Alvalade, um bairro sustentável - a água como motor do desenho urbano. Lisboa: ISA, 2011

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