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Amplitude-dependent attenuation of compressive waves in curved granular crystals constrained by elastic guides

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Pertenece a: Caltech Authors  

Descripción: We study the wave propagation in a curved chain of spherical particles constrained by elastic guides under the axial impact of a falling mass. We characterize the force transmission properties of the chain by varying the striker’s mass and the chain’s curvature. Experimental tests demonstrate amplitude-dependent attenuation of compressive waves propagating through the curved chain. In particular, we observe that the curved systems present an improved transmission of small dynamic disturbances relative to that of strong excitations, resulting from the close interplay between the granular particles and the softer elastic medium. We also find that the transmission of the compressive waves through the chains is dependent on the initial curvature imposed to the system. Numerical simulations, based on an approach that combines discrete element and finite element methods, corroborate the experimental results. The findings suggest that hybrid structures composed of granular particles and linear elastic media can be employed as new passive acoustic filtering materials that selectively transmit or mitigate excitations in a desired range of pressure amplitudes.

Autor(es): Yang, Jinkyu -  Dunatunga, Sachith -  Daraio, Chiara - 

Id.: 55231049

Versión: 1.0

Estado: Final

Tipo de recurso: Article  -  PeerReviewed  - 

Tipo de Interactividad: Expositivo

Nivel de Interactividad: muy bajo

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Estructura: Atomic

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Fecha de contribución: 08-ene-2016


* Yang, Jinkyu and Dunatunga, Sachith and Daraio, Chiara (2012) Amplitude-dependent attenuation of compressive waves in curved granular crystals constrained by elastic guides. Acta Mechanica, 223 (3). pp. 549-562. ISSN 0001-5970.

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