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CD8⁺ T cell recognition of virus-infected cells is characteristically restricted by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I, although rare examples of MHC class II restriction have been reported in Cd4-deficient mice and a macaque SIV vaccine trial using a recombinant cytomegalovirus vector. Here, we demonstrate the presence of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class II-restricted CD8⁺ T cell responses with antiviral properties in a small subset of HIV-infected individuals. In these individuals, T cell receptor β (TCRβ) analysis revealed that class II-restricted CD8⁺ T cells underwent clonal expansion and mediated killing of HIV-infected cells. In one case, these cells comprised 12% of circulating CD8⁺ T cells, and TCRα analysis revealed two distinct co-expressed TCRα chains, with only one contributing to binding of the class II HLA-peptide complex. These data indicate that class II-restricted CD8⁺ T cell responses can exist in a chronic human viral infection, and may contribute to immune control. Keywords: HIV; TCR; CD8⁺ T cells; vaccines; HLA;MHC class II

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Ranasinghe, Srinika -  Lamothe, Pedro A. -  Soghoian, Damien Z. -  Cole, Michael B. -  Yosef, Nir -  Jones, R. Brad -  Donaghey, Faith -  Nwonu, Chioma -  Jani, Priya -  Clayton, Gina M. -  Crawford, Frances -  White, Janice -  Montoya, Alana -  Power, Karen -  Allen, Todd M. -  Streeck, Hendrik -  Kaufmann, Daniel E. -  Picker, Louis J. -  Kappler, John W. -  Kazer, Samuel Weisgurt -  Shalek, Alexander K -  Walker, Bruce - 

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[References] http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/J.IMMUNI.2016.09.015
[References] Immunity

Fecha de contribución: 11-feb-2018


* 1074-7613
* 1097-4180
* Ranasinghe, Srinika et al. “Antiviral CD8⁺ T Cells Restricted by Human Leukocyte Antigen Class II Exist During Natural HIV Infection and Exhibit Clonal Expansion.” Immunity 45, 4 (October 2016): 917–930 © 2016 The Author(s)

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