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The author, taking into account the overabundance of studies published up to now, and especially in the fiftieth anniversary part of the public reason, because, even if its rationality be transcendental, it does not fail to be communicable and nderstandable by other interlocutors. The author suspects that the failure of the secularized dialogue can be because of the selfcensorship of the religious discourse in the field of the public entity. In the second part, the author emphasizes the need of the moral judgment, and criticizes its absence in the public discourse and in the theological ethics, a necessary judgment so as to be able to humanize the world. Only through the ethical discernment, opened by the means of the theological discourse about the world, shall we be able to give of the Conciliar pastoral constitution Gaudium et spes, which have fixed the history of the redaction, and of the debates in the Conciliar years, and given that we live and think in very different historic contexts, adopts a phenomenological and hermeneutic perspective.reason of the meaning of our hope, what raises the need to rehabilitate the value and the status of that ethical judgment. The failure of the purpose of dialogue with the world, intended by the Church, contrary to what happened in the Sixties of last century, defines the present situation. The tone and the argument of the Conciliar document being explicitly theological, its coherence is also equally openly theological, and it does not claim, in any moment, to establish a dialogue from the secularized reason, the reading and reception that nevertheless have been made by many to establish a dialogue from the natural reason, has turned into the history of an infidelity, because the Conciliar Fathers adopted a genuinely theological perspective, in order to establish that dialogue with the world, given that the theological argument must be proposed as

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Relación: [IsBasedOn] Revista de fomento social, ISSN 0015-6043, Nº 289, 2017, pags. 141-168

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