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Bayan Abu-Shawar Utilizing AOU’VLE with other Computerized Systems

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Descripción: We present in this paper our experience of utilizing the virtual learning environment system with other computerized systems. Arab Open University is one of the first organizations that adopt an e-learning methodology in the Arabic region. We present Moodle as a virtual learning environment (VLM) used at AOU. The integration process of VLE with other online systems such as student information system (SIS) and human resource system (HRS) is discussed. In addition to that we describe the in-house development and enhancement generated to the VLE to cope with AOU regulations and rules. The quality assurance strategy of AOU is clarified. Keywords: e-learning, open learning, LMS, SIS. 1.

Autor(es): Bayan Abu -  shawar - 

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Fecha de contribución: 22-sep-2009



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