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Multidimensional persistence mostly studies topological features of shapes by analyzing the lower level sets of vector-valued functions, called filtering functions. As is well known, in the case of scalar-valued filtering functions, persistent homology groups can be studied through their persistent Betti numbers, i.e. the dimensions of the images of the homomorphisms induced by the inclusions of lower level sets into each other. Whenever such inclusions exist for lower level sets of vector-valued filtering functions, we can consider the multidimensional analogue of persistent Betti numbers. Varying the lower level sets, we get that persistent Betti numbers can be seen as functions taking pairs of vectors to the set of non-negative integers. In this paper we prove stability of multidimensional persistent Betti numbers. More precisely, we prove that small changes of the vector-valued filtering functions imply only small changes of persistent Betti numbers functions. This result can be obtained by assuming the filtering functions to be just continuous. Multidimensional stability opens the way to a stable shape comparison methodology based on multidimensional persistence. In order to obtain our stability theorem, some other new results are proved for continuous filtering functions. They concern the finiteness of persistent Betti numbers for vector-valued filtering functions, and the representation via persistence diagrams of persistent Betti numbers, as well as their stability, in the case of scalar-valued filtering functions. Finally, from the stability of multidimensional persistent Betti numbers we obtain a lower bound for the natural pseudo-distance.

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AMS Acta  


Cerri, Andrea -  Di Fabio, Barbara -  Ferri, Massimo -  Frosini, Patrizio -  Landi, Claudia - 

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Relación: [References] http://amsacta.cib.unibo.it/2923/

Fecha de contribución: 20-may-2011


* Cerri, Andrea ; Di Fabio, Barbara ; Ferri, Massimo ; Frosini, Patrizio ; Landi, Claudia (2010) Betti numbers in multidimensional persistent homology are stable functions.

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