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From New York to Rio, from Nairobi to Tokyo, hip-hop, more than any other musical genre or youth culture, has permeated nations, cultures, and languages worldwide. "Between ► (Play) and « (Rewind): the Making of Son Dos Alas" is about the experience of conducting research on the globalization of hip-hop and its local expressions between Cuba and Puerto Rico. Using songs and music videos produced as primary research data, this essay proposes hip-hop as an avenue for the study of social behavior and media as a "place" for contemporary anthropological inquiry. The research consists of original collaborative songs produced between rappers from each location who, due to political restrictions between nations, could not personally meet one another. The research reveals that it is through value systems and common civil rights struggles, more so than strictly the four elements of hip-hop (rap, break dance, turntablism, and visual art), that youth relate to one another and their global audiences. "Between ► (Play) and « (Rewind)" frames the research experience, bringing to the forefront a fieldwork methodology titled Participatory Ethnographic Production that offers the discipline a manner in which to use media beyond a means for archiving, documenting, and disseminating cultural data. This analysis is further intertwined with an overview of the art of politics (and the politics of art) between two nations that have not had diplomatic relations with one another for over 50 years.

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* alter/nativas, latin american cultural studies journal, no. 2 (Spring 2014)
* 2168-8451 (online)

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