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[EN] Scientific collaboration is the social process by which two or more researchers work together sharing their intellectual and ma-terial resources to produce new scientific knowledge. In this paper, a historical overview is made from the beginning of scientific collaboration, considering the factors involved in this process, the danger that the pressure to increase the curriculum contrib-utes to the fragmentation of biomedical research and the role of "invisible colleges". The first-generation of scientific collabora-tion indicators are also listed and described, including the number and rate of co-authored papers, the co-author index or collab-oration index, and the indicators of institutional collaboration.

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Aleixandre -  Benavent, Rafael -  González de Dios, J. -  Castelló -  Cogollos, L. -  Navarro Molina, C. -  Alonso -  Arroyo, A. -  Vidal -  Infer, A. -  Lucas -  Domínguez, R. -  Sixto -  Costoya, A. - 

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Relación: [References] Acta pediátrica española
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Fecha de contribución: 08-jul-2018


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