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The osmoregulatory system was studied in wild adult and reared juvenile Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus. The mean osmolarity in blood serum of specimens from the Caspian Sea, estuary, the Kouraneski pools and the rearing tanks were 305.3±14.3, 308.7±25.8, 265.0±19.1 and 259.3±8.8 mosmol/L, respectively; the mean concentrations of Na+ were 151.2±6.3, 152.2±8.4, 142.5±5.9 and 131.4±4.1 meq/L whereas mean concentrations of K+ were 2.7±0.9, 3.6±0.9, 3.1±0.5 and 2.6±0.5meq/L, respectively. The concentrations for Mg++ ion in fish of the same four origins were 1.5±0.2; 1.5±0.3, 0.8±0.2 and 0.7±0.2 meq/L, and those of Ca++ were 2.31±0.51, 2.61±0.51, 1.85±0.58 and 1.46±0.43, respectively. The Pearson's correlation coefficient and regression equation indicated that Mg++(r =0.38) and Na+ (r=0.41) were effective ions for determination of blood serum osmotic pressure in A. persicus in brackish water and freshwater. This study also showed that blood serum osmotic pressure was independent of sex.

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* Kazemi, R. and Bahmani, M. and Hallajian, A. and Yarmohammadi, M. (2006) Blood serum osmotic and ionic regulation of wild adults and reared juvenile Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 6(1), pp. 43-56.

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