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Regardless of the outcome of the Article 50 negotiations, Britain and Europe will remain inextricably linked even after Brexit. But what this partnership will look like largely depends on whether the former can, in the next few weeks, persuade its soon-to-be-gone EU partners that the time is ripe to move on to the second phase of the Brexit talks. If a provisional political agreement on the nature of the future relationship between the UK and the EU cannot be found, there is a serious risk that the negotiation talks will result in a purely technical treaty of secession, reverting the UK to third country status. To avoid this scenario and salvage the talks, there are a few things both parties need to realise:

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Relación: [References] http://www.epc.eu/pub_details.php?cat_id=17&pub_id=8044
[References] http://aei.pitt.edu/92358/

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* Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: Terra Nova to explore together. EPC Discussion Paper, 7 November 2017. [Discussion Paper]

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