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The National Library of the Netherlands (KB) will renew its digital archiving environment. The current system, the e-Depot with DIAS by IBM as its technical core, has been operational since 2003 and needs to be updated. More importantly, a new system is required because KB has published a new strategic plan with ambitious goals. They require development of an infrastructure that can process, store, preserve and retrieve millions of digital objects, now and for the long term. The digital collections will include e-journals, e-books, websites and digitized master images and will grow from 20 TB currently to 720 TB in 2013. The New e-Depot will also implement tools for digital preservation, as being developed in international collaboration (Planets, JHOVE, etc.). Together with eight European national libraries, KB defined the architectural framework for the new system. It is based on a modular approach and translated into so-called building blocks for a preservation environment. This paper discusses the building blocks and the rationale for the components-based architecture of the New e-Depot. Currently, requirements for all the building blocks are finalised. A market consultation for the workflow component will starts in the summer of 2010 and the procurement process for the other components will follow in the fall. The first iteration of the New e-Depot will be delivered in 2012.

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