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A study of the capture fisheries of Kontagora Reservoir was carried out between January - December, 2007, using statistical frame and catch assessment survey methods. Five fish families comprising seven fish species were recorded. Hemichromis fasdatus, a cichlid was the most dominant species with mean value of 414.3 and 7715Kg in terms of number and weight respectively. Nineteen commercial fishermen were recorded, with the following fishing gears: gill net, cast nets, long lines, and Malian traps. The fishing craft included wooden canoe. The total mean catch of the fishermen were 4.40(1.36) kg/canoe or 167(52.64) fishes/canoe. The reservoir was productive in comparison with other smaller but productive African lakes. The monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) system was suggested for management consideration, with emphasis on registration of fishermen and their fishing equipment, enforcement of minimum mesh size of 3” and establishment of community based cooperative scheme.

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* Ibrahim, B.U. and Auta, J. and Balogun, J.K. and Bolorunduro, P.I. (2009) Capture fisheries of Kontagora Reservoir, Niger State, Nigeria. In: 24th Annual Conference of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) , 25-28 Oct 2009 ,Akure, Nigeria, pp. 53-56.

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