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The authors contribute to dispute resolution theory and provide new insights on such important issues as employee voice, workplace disputes and employees’ intentions to quit. They conducted and analyzed a survey of managers in Australian workplaces. They apply Budd and Colvin’s (2008) path-finding dispute resolution framework to examine two research questions: first, is there a relationship between the resolution of disputes and employee voice as measured by employee perceptions of influence over decision-making? Second, is there a relationship between the resolution of workplace disputes and employees’ intentions to quit? These are important questions in view of the high costs of workplace conflict and employee turnover. The authors find that employee voice facilitates successful dispute resolution. Further, employee voice has the additional benefit of directly reducing employee turnover intentions, above and beyond its indirect effect by helping to resolve conflicts at work.

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Van Gramberg, Bernadine -  Teicher, Julian -  Bamber, Greg J -  Cooper, Brian - 

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Relación: [IsBasedOn] Conflict and its Resolution in the Changing World of Work: A Conference and Special Issue Honoring David B. Lipsky

Fecha de contribución: 08-nov-2017



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