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Acid soluble collagen (ASC) and pepsin soluble collagen (PSC) were isolated from rohu skin with the yield of 64.2 and 6.8% (dry weight basis), respectively. Both collagens had glycine as the major amino acid with imino acid content of 196-202 residues/1,000 residues and were characterized as type I collagen with molecular composition of (1)(2)2-heterotrimer. Fourier transform infrared spectra of both collagens were similar, with no shift in wavenumber of all amide bands. The T-max value of ASC and PSC was 36.40 and 35.48 degrees C, respectively. The zero surface net charge of ASC and PSC was found at pH 5.9 and 5.3, respectively.

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Savedboworn, Wanticha -  Kittiphattanabawon, Phanat -  Benjakul, Soottawat -  Sinthusamran, Sittichoke -  Kishimura, Hideki - 

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: This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology 2017, available online: http://www.tandfonline.com/10.1080/10498850.2015.1133747.

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Fecha de contribución: 06-feb-2018


* Journal of aquatic food product technology, 26(3): 248-257

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