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Little or nothing is known about the process or the processes, its history and current state of Sociology in Paraguay, except for approaches and fragmentary articles, specific, which fail to problematize and not even to reconstruct, in a first instance, a historical reference frame (context) in terms of issues and its own emergence and development, authors and works, its particular institutionalization (NGOs, formal courses of undergraduate and postgraduate). The proposal of this paper, therefore, falls within a project with a tendency of medium and long term, which aims to perform a research that can permit, precisely, to present a macro prospect about the sui generis development of sociology in Paraguay, recovering the memory of intellectuals and institutions, reference of authors, pieces of works, problems tackled, research topics, and their main institutional vicissitudes and initial impulses. The product of this initial work is what we present in this space of a magazine that can encourage dialogues, problematizing and linking with other topics, that opens/open other topics of research necessary to our broader inquiry, to give a recognition to the contributions of Paraguayan sociology as a whole overcoming the internal and latin american �ores� overcoming or taking into consideration the institutional biases and the relations of power-knowledge, in the practice of our professional life (social, academic, etc. .). This also allows, at the same to, to already present some clues about the own vicissitudes in the institutionalization of sociology in Paraguay, as well as their emerging issues, theoretical positions and geometry � distance in the historical becoming with the rest of the regional and Latin American production. For several reasons, then, the proposal is more declarative, which is found on the way when it is desired to clarify and define the object of study.

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Relación: [IsBasedOn] Revista Internacional de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales, ISSN 2226-4000, Vol. 7, Nº. 2, 2011, pags. 119-160

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