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A total of 457 broodstock and 143,000 juveniles of Macrobrachium vollenhovenii were collected at Isheri Olofin area and Okunmanya River over a period of time. They were transported live to the shrimp hatchery of NIOMR in Lagos. Live transportation of the broodstock of M.vollenhovenii with body weight ranging from 71.0-264.5g in liter-capacity plastic containers half-filled with water, recorded 98-100% survival rate between 80-110 minutes transportation time. However, live transportation of the juvenile in 50 liters capacity plastic containers without water recorded survival rates ranging from 20-66% while those carried with water and aerated recorded 12.5-93.75%. An air conditioned vehicle was used during the live transportation. Higher mortality rate was recorded for the juvenile than the broodstocks due to large number transported in additoin to the small-size gear used for trapping the jiveniles. The study has developed a simple technology for the collection and transportation of live specimens of broodstock and juveniles of M. vollenhovenii. Efforts will be made to increase survival of the juveniles through the use of larger containers and gears.

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Anyanwu, P.E. -  Ayaobu -  Cookry, I.K. -  Ebonwu, B.I. -  Hamzat, M.B. -  Pepple, P.C.G. -  Ihimekpen, A.F. -  Matanmi, M.A. -  Ikoyo -  Eweto, G.O. -  Afolabi, E.S. -  Abass, M.A. -  Bensi, B.L. -  Ajijo, M.R. -  Abdullahi, M.M. -  Achilike, N.M. -  Tafida, A.S. - 

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Relación: [References] http://aquaticcommons.org/24676/

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