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A compact, step range filter proton spectrometer has been developed for the measurement of the absolute DD proton spectrum, from which yield and areal density (ρR) are inferred for deuterium-filled thin-shell inertial confinement fusion implosions. This spectrometer, which is based on tantalum step-range filters, is sensitive to protons in the energy range 1-9 MeV and can be used to measure proton spectra at mean energies of ∼1-3 MeV. It has been developed and implemented using a linear accelerator and applied to experiments at the OMEGA laser facility and the National Ignition Facility (NIF). Modeling of the proton slowing in the filters is necessary to construct the spectrum, and the yield and energy uncertainties are ±<10% in yield and ±120 keV, respectively. This spectrometer can be used for in situ calibration of DD-neutron yield diagnostics at the NIF.

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Glebov, V. Yu. -  Hohenberger, M. -  Stoeckl, C. -  Sangster, T. C. -  Yeamans, C. B. -  LePape, S. -  Mackinnon, A. J. -  Bionta, R. M. -  Talison, B. -  Casey, D. T. -  Landen, O. L. -  Moran, M. J. -  Zacharias, R. A. -  Kilkenny, J. D. -  Nikroo, A. -  Rosenberg, Michael Jonathan -  Zylstra, Alex Bennett -  Frenje, Johan A -  Rinderknecht, Hans George -  Gatu Johnson, Maria -  Waugh, Caleb Joseph -  Seguin, Fredrick Hampton -  Sio, Hong Weng -  Sinenian, Nareg -  Li, C. K. -  Petrasso, Richard D - 

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* 0034-6748
* 1089-7623
* Rosenberg, M. J. et al. “A Compact Proton Spectrometer for Measurement of the Absolute DD Proton Spectrum from Which Yield and ρR Are Determined in Thin-Shell Inertial-Confinement-Fusion Implosions.” Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 10 (October 2014): 103504 © 2014 American Institute of Physics (AIP)

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