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Abattoir waste, poultry dung and maize bran waste were collected, oven dried to constant weight and used for maggot culture. Maggot production was monitored for first occurrence time and collections were made after full production period. The sizes in length (cm) and weight (g) of maggot at full production capacity were measured and quantity produced computed for each substrate. This experiment lasted for four weeks. The results of the experiment showed that the shorter maggot first occurrence time of 48-72hours was recorded in fresh poultry dung waste and the highest time of 72-120 hours was recorded in fresh processed maize bran waste. There was significant difference between the first time of occurrence of maggot in these two wastes. The highest mean weight and length of 0.023 ~c:0.009g and 1.7 ~c0.55cm were recorded in maggot raised in fresh poultry dung waste. There was no significant difference (p>0.01; p>0.05) between the weight and length of maggot at full grown time when raised in fresh abattoir waste and fresh poultry dung. 22.89g of live maggotlkg of waste was raised in poultry dung followed by 14.93glkg waste from fresh abattoir waste and least of 6.79glkg of bran waste. The nutritive value of the maggot meal varied with each dung with maggot from poultry dung been the richest. Based on the result of this experiment effort could be more intensified using both abattoir waste and poultry dung to raise maggot meal for sustainable aquaculture practices.

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Sogbesan, O.A. -  Isa, J. -  Madu, C.T. -  Koyenme, J.E. -  Adewole, A.M. -  Dan Ologe, I.A. - 

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* Sogbesan, O.A. and Isa, J. and Madu, C.T. and Koyenme, J.E. and Adewole, A.M. and Dan Ologe, I.A. (2007) Comparison of maggot culture as aquafeed in sustainable aquaculture using different organic wastes. In: 21st Annual Conference of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) , 13 - 17 Nov 2006 ,Calabar, Nigeria, 211 - 216.

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