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Culinary jottings for Madras. A treatise ... on reformed cookery for Anglo-Indian exiles, based upon modern English, and continental principles, with thirty menus for little dinners worked out in detail, and an essay on our kitchens in India, by "Wyvern" [pseud.] ...

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$msg.ficha_linkToArchive: University of Michigan Library Repository  

$msg.ficha_details_description: 2nd ed.

$msg.ficha_details_authors: Kenney -  Herbert, A. R. (Arthur Robert), 1840 -  1916 - 

$msg.ficha_details_id: 55230310

$msg.ficha_details_language: eng  -  eng  - 

$msg.ficha_details_version: 1.0

$msg.ficha_details_status: Final

$msg.ficha_details_keywordsCooking. - 

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$msg.ficha_details_copyright: sí

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$msg.ficha_details_submissiondate: 29-abr-2012


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* (ICU)BID10178300
* (OCoLC)20513554


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