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Objective: To analyze the perceptions and strategies influencing the achievement of dental visit targets in the Healthcare Program for Kids in the view of the oral health team in basic health units in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Material and Methods: Qualitative study of the descriptive-exploratory type with two focus groups at 12 Health Units in Porto Alegre, RS, with participation of 17 members of oral health teams from different units. Results: The collected data suggest the use of strategies to meet the goals of the Oral Health Program, such as an open schedule, education and health groups, days on which families attend the health unit because of the Bolsa Família Program, vaccination campaign days and home visits. The data also suggest, in order to meet the goals, working jointly with the multiprofessional team and formation of ties, allowing for a greater interaction with patients at the Health Unit, in addition to listening to the life stories of the population and the community. A better understanding of the proposal by health teams for the actions to be carried out horizontally and the greater difficulty in having children at the appointments on days when their mothers work turned out to be challenges. Conclusion: The use of these strategies tends to help and influence the maintenance and implementation of public policies oriented to dental care at an early age and reorient health practices so as to contribute to the strengthening of collectivities.

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Schwendler, Anna -  Nespolo, Gabriela Fabian -  Faustino, Daniel Demétrio -  Rocha, Cristianne Maria Famer - 

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Relación: [References] Brazilian Research in Pediatric Dentistry and Integrated Clinic. João Pessoa. Vol. 16, n.1 (2016), p. 369-379

Fecha de contribución: 16-abr-2018


* 1519-0501
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