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This diploma thesis deals with the European Business Aviation Industry. In detail, it analyses the supply and points out positive and negative influencing factors on the European market growth. Business aviation has changed the way of transportation ever since 1920s. At the beginning it was just for VIPs and celebrities. (...) After North America, Europe is the second largest market in the world. Business Aviation traffic can be found all over Europe, although its intensity varies between countries. There are many different types of operators, offering a diverse range of services and business models. After years of slow growth, European fractional ownership and charter programs are thriving. The trend can be seen in high growth for fractional ownership and membership-type charter programs, and nascent moves toward corporate shuttles by the airline industry. With an increasing number of ownership options and planes available, business aircraft sales broke all-time records, and not just in the traditionally largest U.S. market. Various ways of acquiring a business jet, time efficiency, comfort, individuality, flexibility, anonymity as well as globalization have a positive impact on the market growth. The advent of smaller aircraft, such as the Very Light Jet (VLJ), will open up new markets and lower the barrier to entry into business aviation. According to Eurocontrol (2006), European business aviation traffic is expected to grow four percent annually and could reach a seven percent increase if the predicted strong growth of Very Light Jets comes to fruition.(...) Russia, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia are the markets of tomorrow. As the world becomes globalized, the European market structure will be heavily influenced by all these developments. (author's abstract)

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